• Atheists Invent Mars Snowflakes to Trick Children into Anti-Jesus Christmas

    June 24, 2012 8:41 pm 19 comments
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    Atheists never give up in their efforts of taking the Christ out of Christmas. Their latest little deviant scheme comes with a teamup of Obama’s NASA and atheist mythmeister Richard Dawkins. Dawkins already earned a place in hell with his invention of atheism’s chief diety, who they call the “Flying Spaghetti Monster’. They literally worship some beast who looks like Chutulu but instead of tentacles, has a wheat-resin set of multiple appendages that resemble cooked spaghetti.

    At any rate, NASA is now claiming to see the first snowflakes on Mars and atheists are claiming that the snowflakes mark the first “Martian Christmas’ and is the work of their holy FSM. (*Note: While atheists think their little anagram FSM is shielded with their Flying Spaghetti Monster mantra, if you look deep into the Book of Atheism you’ll see it actually stands for Free Soviet Masons.)

    Atheist highpriests snort bath salts and eat the fluid of each other’s sins, then create bizarre new ‘myths’ that they will force into schoolbooks to trick children into hating Christianity and loving perversion.

    Atheists are claiming that Martian Snowflakes cannot be seen falling from the sky because they are ‘smaller than a red blood cell’.  But they are claiming that whosoever ‘visits Mars and says an oath to the god of humanism, they shall have everlasting life’.  Hopefully people realize this is all a plot to get people to violate the First Commandment of America’s Ten Biblical Commandments, give the Chinese little test monkey Americans to send to Mars before they colonize it and make Christians look like we don’t understand science.

    Atheists are claiming these magical snowflakes fit right into your bloodstream and infuse you with special powers that prevent aging.  Why people will believe hogwash like this is beyond me, but it’s all being written into the book of atheism and being voted into law by liberals.  If you don’t believe me, simply Google “Martian Snowflakes”.  You’ll see this horror waiting to unfold next school year.

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