• Barney spreads atheism, homosexuality, evolution and tells lies about how God created the world

    June 19, 2012 7:44 am 69 comments
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  • We have all been deceived into believing Barney is the cute purple dinosaur who teaches kids social skills and provides them with the foundations to become responsible and respectable adults one day. This could not be further from the truth. Barney is a demon of Satan and a way of taking children away from God and introducing them to the sick twisted lies of Satan and then to Satanism before they know it.

    As one can obviously see, Barney is based on the idea of evolution and time travel. This goes against the bible because, well, evolution is Satan’s sick twisted lie and time travel goes against the bible because only God knows the future. Barney is about a group of dinosaurs travelling forward in time to teach kids social skills. Needless to say: DINOSAURS DID NOT EXIST!!! This program is an intrusion of demons masquerading as dinosaurs in weird furry suits. Can you really trust what these demonsaurs are teaching your kids? The answer is a definite no.

    Atheists out there reading this might be wondering, “Hey there’s evidence for things like dinosaurs and evolution.” Let me clarify this common misconception: DINOSAURS AND EVOLUTION ARE LIES. ANY “EVIDENCE” IS WHAT THE DEVIL PUT OUT THERE. Yes, the devil puts demonsaur fossils in the ground and possesses the minds of scientists to spread lies and evil. Mainstream science is nothing more than a gateway to Satanism. That is why you can only trust true Christian scientists.

    I watched Barney recently, and keeping the sour demonsaur fact behind me, I found it taught children some good skills they could use in life, but then I nearly fell off my seat and broke a rib. Barney was teaching kids to play with each other in inappropriate ways. For one, the children would stand in a circle, dance and hold hands. Standing in a circle and dancing is what witches do. I saw boys holding hands in the circle and smiling and then I realized this program is also promoting homosexuality and courtship behaviour in kids.

    That’s not all; this program does a lot more to spread homosexuality. There is a yellow demonsaur who assists Barney is his covert demonic possession operation. The name of this demonsaur is BJ and we all know what that means. Who knows what this yellow demonsaur is teaching the poor kids? When the vile BJ is around and “playing” with the kids one tends to notice there is a lot more physical contact between the kids. This is not a coincidence; the predatory BJ demonsaur is training our kids to sodomize and rape each other. There is no other explanation for this.

    As for creationism, the lies Barney spreads about it are sick, sick, sick. First of all, dinosaurs. There is biblical evidence that dinosaurs never existed because, well, the earth is 6000 years old, period. Second of all, saying that dinosaurs, or demonsaurs as they should rightfully be called, had social skills is totally undermining God and creationism by saying that intelligent beings (other than God of course) existed before man.

    Having your eyes opened to these truths, it is glaringly obvious that Barney does not teach social skills but social ills. It is a gateway to sin and sodomy, and ultimately your child will burn in hell if he or she watches this vile, sick program. One more thing I need to say before I pray for these poor children: BARNEY IS NOT MEANT TO SUPPLEMENT PRESCHOOL TEACHINGS. IT IS SATANISM FOR PRESCHOOLERS, PERIOD.

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    Reuben_Harper Retired pastor from Cape Town, South Africa. I am a middle-aged Afrikaans man who is downright disgusted with the state of the world and how people try to interpret Christianity as they please and make fun of it. I will have none of it. I have joined Christwire.org because I believe and know they are True Christians. I will fight liberal Christianity tooth and nail and will spill my blood in the service of Christ my savior. Amen.

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