• Black Veil Brides are for life.

    June 26, 2012 8:42 am 17 comments
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  •       Look, all of you people who say you are, “Christians,” are not. If you were a true Christian then you would accept everyone for who they are and not for who you think they should be. For one, you all usually call Andy’s last name, “Beersack,” when it is actually, “Biersack.” Another point I would like to make is that the members of the Black Veil Brides are ALL male. All of them, and there are FIVE of them. They all have lives and they all have feelings as well. I don’t believe that we’re all, “Satanists,” for listening to them. All they want to do is make the people you hurt feel loved and welcomed into this world that we’re stuck on together. It’s also said that God created EVERY human being equal. I would also like to say that this is me being CALM because I have a horrible temper and you have made me mad before so this is it.

           If I’m going to hell for listening to them and loving them because they’ve helped me then SO BE IT. I would rather go to hell for listening to someone I love then going to heaven for not doing what I love. I feel very loved by being me. My friends and my family accept me for who I am and what I listen to. I am different from a lot of people but there are people out there like me and I would like to say that I respect all of you who are like me. I respect people are different from me unless they do something to lose that respect, and example is that if you don’t accept me then I probably won’t accept you.

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    BVBArmyKitty Well, a mix of different stuff. There is a lot of stuff that I believe in and a lot of stuff I don't. I love BVB, that's Black Veil Brides, and I don't care if I go to hell for it or not.

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