• Bored Facebook Users Invent New ‘Cause’ For Everyone to Like, Demand Bath Salts Zombie Equality

    June 7, 2012 9:49 pm 30 comments
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  • Coming off the high of changing the Earth by clicking like on any story labeled Kony 2012, the collective mass of bored Facebook users voted late Thursday to make a new official zombie rights cause that everyone must like to prove they are open-minded and proactive.


    To date the Zombie Rights Campaign has over 455,903 likes.  The Facebook users liking the page are agreeing that zombies should have a universal right to eat people and ravage the intestinal tracts of their victims.  It’s thought that The Gay Agenda may also be funding and supporting the zombie rights campaign.

    Gays figure that if zombies gain the ‘right’ and social acceptance to freely maul the intestines out of any person that they want, then everyone will not see it as so bad when Mr. Gay Schlong wants to bend you over when he cannot resist you in a public restroom.  “Oh, a gay reverse sodomized you!  No big!  Zombies rip out intestines all the time!”

    This sort of sick future we cannot stand.  Hopefully this Facebook fas will wear off, but most likely it will be clicked on millions of times before the week ends.

    Facebook users are now

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