• Can Two Old Dogs Teach Us All New Tricks?

    June 15, 2012 6:42 pm 36 comments
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    When I was just a young girl, my father took the family to go visit with our uncle Wayne in Pensacola. Uncle Wayne raised Labrador dogs as a hobby and he had just had a new litter and I got to pick two. I chose a yellow lab that I named Cane. I also chose a black lab (or african american lab, as the politically correct people in the Pacific North West say) that I named Abel after the sons of Adam and Eve.

    When we returned home to Atlanta both the dogs got along great. They grew up together and were best friends. They were the friendliest dogs and loved every body. Even in the summers when we went to the plantation down on the river, Cane and Abel loved it, they would run and play and even got along with the share croppers that worked our fields. The dogs loved it there, they got to play in the woods; chasing squirrels and hunting ducks with my father and his friends and accepting bits of “cracklins’ from the share croppers.

    Then one summer when we went down to the plantation, there was a new dog across the road at the neighbors plantation. She was a girl dog, a pretty Golden Retriever named Sassy. Both the boys fancied Sassy and would fight over who would get to play with Sassy. 


    One night the dogs got into a big fight and were biting at one another. I was sad as I loved them both and were afraid they would hurt one another. I still remember my father telling me “Susie, dontcha go out thar, them dogs is fightin’ you get between ’em they’ll turn on you“.

    My father was so right, as I tried to separate them I was the one that got bitten. My father wanted to shoot both dogs but I managed to talk him out of it. I wasn’t to hurt, much, but I have always remembered the words of my father. I never shy away from a fight but when two friends are fighting it is best to stay out of it.

    It turned out that Sassy had Abels puppies that year, and Cane and Abel never got along after that again. They went from being the best of palls to fighting like Pit Bulls. It was decided that Abel would stay at the plantation, so he could be with the pups, and Cane would stay at the house in Atlanta. 

    My two dogs were never the same after Sassy sashayed into their lives. Sure I still got to see each of my dogs but I had to go to a different place to do it. Sometimes I still think about the wonderful times I had being with them both. It’s really to sad that they couldn’t have gotten over their differences, like humans. Not that we’re really much different…sometimes.


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