• Chinese Commies Launch Shenzhou-9 Deathdragon Space Ship

    June 29, 2012 11:20 am 24 comments
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  • The day has finally come. The day that scared us ever since Nixon went to China to spy on their unholiness first hand. The Chinese have used their Asiatic powers of calculation and destruction to build their first spacecraft, and my friends, it is far more advanced than anything NASA has ever created.

    The Chinese are calling this spaceship the ‘Shenzhou-9’, which roughly translates to ‘kill all American men and impregnant their wives and children’, x9. The Chinese spaceship is capable of near warp-speed and when it enters a wormhole, it’s said you can hear the sound of Satan chuckling with delight at his dragon people’s creation.

    Here is live footage of the spacecraft. Note that the video is of the craft landing back on Earth after ‘dipping’ into the atmosphere of Mars. The Chinese astronaut on board is the same one you see in the sidebar, that loves to eat puppies.

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