• Cyber-Sleuths Help Police Track Online Pedophiles, Sodomites & Child Pornographers

    June 14, 2012 1:55 am 10 comments
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    By Rev. Billy Ray Sunday

    <chris†wire> There’s nothing better, or more satisfying for Christians then to be doing the Lord’s work while helping out your community at the same time. But for an elite team of Christian crime-fighters their work has plenty of tribulation, as well as its rewards.

    Mary Kelly of Seattle, Washington, organized a small Christian team of volunteers from around the country all of whom have a background in Cybercrime investigations in law enforcement or from the private sector. The team works to assist law enforcement by identifying and tracking suspected Cyber-Stalkers, Rapists, Sodomites and Pedophiles.

    Mary’s team collects data about suspected sexual predators by monitoring their online activity; which Websites they visit and any online contacts they may have made. “Most of the people we silently stalk in cyber space are known to have a history of visiting forums, groups or chat rooms where child pornography is exchanged, and where pedophiles and predators contact other soulless deviants who then plan how their going to kidnap another child and all the different ways they plan to violate innocence,” said Kelly, founder of the group known as, Rapture Mary’s Sodomite Hunters.

    Rapture Mary Collects Digital Evidence Used To Hang These Sodomites in Court!

    According to Mary all the data collected is used to identify suspected rapists and predators which is turned over to the FBI or the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction.

    I found a short bio for Mary on the group’s Facebook page which reads… “Mary Kelly is retired and lives at home with her husband in Seattle, WA. Mary spent the last 10 years working as a Cybercrimes Investigator for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Today she and a group of Christian volunteers from around the US work from home tracking down rapist, and child predators who use the Internet to stalk their victims.”

    Mary said she founded the group in 2006 after finding herself with little to do once she retired. “Retired life just didn’t work for me. I’ve been getting up and going to work everyday for the past 40 years and I knew I had to do something or I’d loose my mind.”

    Originally Mary, whose nickname in her church for more then 20 years is “Rapture Mary” had intended to assist local law enforcement with child abduction and missing persons cases which had been linked to Cyber-stalking, she said.

    But friends at the FBI who’d heard what she was doing arraigned to provide her with surplus equipment after it had been replaced that with her laptop could in effect allow her to do her old job from home.

    In recent years other retiring law enforcement people with experience working Cybercrime cases offered to volunteer their time. Today the team consists of Mary and 5 others from, Salt Lake City, Boston, New Mexico, South Carolina and South Dakota.

    “Each of us volunteers 20 to 25 hours a week, or whatever they can,” said Mary, adding, most cases we see involve cyber stalkers and sex crimes involving child victims.” Mary said she recently started working on a Facebook page for the group to give them a public profile.

    The Good Reverend Will Hopefully Spend His Last Days On Earth Being Ass-Raped In Prison!

    Mary shared some of the group’s most recent successes which involve stalkers or predators who contacted their victims online, or we’re involved with exchanging child pornography online. “One case we worked from last December resulted in a guilty plea by the defendant 3 or 4 weeks ago.

     Rapture Mary & Her Klan Helped Bag This Boy Last Week

    Last week she helped police in Georgia to bag this rapist whose victim was underage. He had used the Internet to enter a popular local high school forum and chatted with his teen-aged victim over a three week period using a fake profile he’d created for a 16 year-old girl.

    The link to Rapture Mary’s Sodomite Hunters Facebook page is:

    Contact Mary by email here: rapturemary@mail2world.com

    Or you can call Rapture Mary’s Sodomite Hotline at: (206) 424-4712 – Answered 24/7

    Help Rapture Mary & her dedicated team of cyber-sleuths hunt down the evil that lurks quietly in the shadows of your neighborhood or town. Help Mary and her team document the very evidence that will be used in court to lock up these sodomites; and with God’s grace let them all die there.

    Mary recently joined our highly esteemed, award winning Christian Website chris†wire.org as our Pacific Northwest correspondent. We all wish her well and welcome her to the flock.

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    Rev. Billy Ray Rev. Billy Ray Sunday is 3rd generation preacher. He lives in Forkland, AL and is a journalist for chrisTwire.com.

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