• Deadmau5 and DJ Paris Hilton Perform EDM Concert in Brazil, Announce Marriage Engagement

    June 24, 2012 11:27 pm 10 comments
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  • Up close and personal: Paris Hilton shared a passionate kiss with DJ Afrojack last night at the A/X Armani Neon Carnival being held at the Coachella music festival in California

    Before embarking on her first DJ performance, Paris Hilton puts the “PL” in “PL”UR by liplocking with the world famous EDC rapper Yung Bee Afrojack.

    Now it is time for every one of you little EDM ravegasmers to eat a big slice of humble pie.   I warned you:  Deadmau5 and Paris Hilton have been hiding a secret musica affair.  I sent our interns to investigate my factual allegations and Deadmau5 tried to deny our jouranlism on Twitter!

    But now the proof is in the pudding.  In the lime Mexican-scented city of Sao Paolo, Brazil, several of our Facebook Fans caught concert footage of a new dubstep act. If you were in the proxy of Sao Paola and took time to toss back your head, taking a deep, hearty lungful of air you’d cough on the wafting aroma of billion dollar perfumed covered skank-bottom, that is, Paris Hilton.

    And you’d be right, because she is in Sao Paolo right now producing dubstep music. The crowd is so drugged they are not gagging from the sweaty air and not cringing from the sounds of the music. They do not even realize that Deadmau5 is not the one performing on stage.

    This song is called, “I’m Marrying Deadmau5” and reveals the secret relationship the two have had. Paris Hilton’s first EDC song is already getting poor, angry reviews from more sober ravers who are watching this video on YouTube right now.  This video also proves my thesis: any talentless scampy with Audacity and Fruityloops can become a dubstep superstar.


    DJ Paris Hilton, aka Minnie Deadmau5, performs her boyfriend’s dubstep hits in Sao Paulo Brazil.  The trademark Deadmau5 ears will be something the couple shares in all upcoming acts.

    Minnie Deadmau5, Deadmau5 and a nice looking young woman pose for the paparazzi.

    Though Paris Hilton has not officially released her album, it’s already purportedly leaked to the internet and is being called One Night in Paris.  It’s unclear when the full album will be released, but the new dubstep DJ is scheduled to perform many of her live sets from One Night in Paris at all the raves she attends, so please keep your children away from them.  We heard that it is all very raunchy and uncouth.

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