• God Morphs Giant Mushroom Cloud Over Beijing, Yuan Drops By 800 Points

    June 19, 2012 5:21 am 96 comments
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  • Beinjing, China – Shock and awe tactics have been delivered by God today, as he grows tired of the Chinese Empire slowly crippling the American dollar. Chinese Dictator Bolo Yung has already called America repeatedly, begging to negotiate and accept China’s role as a pet country of America.

    The enormous mushroom cloud formed in the sky over Beijing after God casually snapped his fingers, causing a devastating explosion that defeaned over 280,000 Chinese citizens while blinding 300,000 more.  Locals report great bolts of lightning were seen shooting from the cloud as it covered all of Beijing, repeatedly striking China’s National Bank of Communism before they closed their doors early for the day. 

    Chinese reporter Phin Shin reported, “The cloud started out in the shape of a dagger, to represent us stabbing America in the back.  Then, it took the shape of a mushroom cloud.  The atomic anger of God was being revealed.  The punishment is nuclear death for this betrayal.”

    The Chinese are currently in negotiations to officially confess the US Dollar the world’s true currency.


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