• Hollywood Jew Adam Carolla Steals From Christwire

    June 21, 2012 3:09 am 98 comments
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  • Adam Carolla, Hollywood Liberal JewRecently I wrote a piece for this fine website titled “Women Aren’t Funny: Female Comedians Are Minions Of Satan”. Just nine days later, comedic has-been and reality show contestant Adam Carolla completely stole the tone and message of my article in an interview with the tabloid NYPOST, while stripping away the humor and insight of my far superior piece. Is Carolla the next Dan Cook?

    Many of you may remember Carolla from the awful, unchristian “The Man Show”, where he and his overweight Jewish lover, Jimmy Kimmel would do their very best to glamorize every one of the seven deadly sins, ending the so-called “show” by chanting gibberish and abusing alcohol. He has since gone on to (somehow) even lower profile things such as reality television and some kind of podcast. Yes, just like your tween neighbor who watches too much Harry Potters, Adam has a podcast. From my research, I have discovered that a podcast is like a radio show that only your friends listen to on their headphones. With such little going on in his career, maybe Mr. Carolla felt he had no choice but to rip me off.

    With his so-called “career” at its lowest, Adam Carolla turned to theft. It’s clear that he is an HLJ (Hollywood Liberal Jew) who doesn’t even believe what he said in his recent interview. Which proves that he stole it. How do I know that he doesn’t believe that women aren’t funny? My research has shown me that for his podcast, Adam Carolla has employed 2 women. Would a man who truly believed that women aren’t funny hire women for a supposed comedy podcast? Many failed broadcasters who have turned to podding work alone, such as Adam’s fellow HLJ, Mark Maron.

    The best thing to come of this theft, (I am an optimist, because I have faith in our Lord.) is the throngs of unfunny so-called comediennes coming out to berate Carolla. They failed to be funny in their hateful and irrational PMS tirades, and just furthered Carolla’s stolen point. Some examples were seen on the twitter.

    Kelly Oxford, housewife (She should probably stick to child rearing) and self-proclaimed comedienne said, “@kellyoxford You know what Adam Carolla said about women not being funny is bull, at a party last week I made him laugh three goddamn times.”.

    Kate Spencer, who apparently is an incredibly unpopular comedienne, but an honest person, said in a twittering, “@katespencer Wish I could think of something to say about @adamcarolla but I’m not funny enough to come up with anything :(“.  

    Unfunny HLJ and so-called comedienne Julie Klausner, channeling our death-threat happy comment section here at Christwire.org, said: “‏@julieklausner Adam Carolla’s death rattle sounds like the rusty church bells of a crumbling empire. Don’t listen to the old man, he’s already a ghost.”.

    Lauren Ashley Bishop, who apparently thought twitter was a Friar’s Club roast from the 70s said, “@sbellelauren Adam who?”.

    Now, maybe Adam Carolla owes me an apology for stealing my essence, but his plagiarism has taught all of us a lesson; I was right. And I’m still right. Women aren’t funny. And as proven by some of the vile, profanity and sin filled outbursts by the so-called female comedians that I could not, in good conscience re-print here, female comedians are minions of Satan.

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