• Homosexual Canadian Zombie on Loose in France, Dressed as Woman

    June 2, 2012 1:11 pm 15 comments
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  • SHOCK: Canadian video nasty star ate his Chinese gay lover, fled to France as zombie awareness heats up.   Zombie is make-up artist actor and is dressed up as woman to hide himself.

    • *Police fear gay porn star may have slipped into Britain
    • *Magnotta was living six months ago in Wembley, North London
    • *Severed foot and hand had been sent to offices of Canada’s political parties
    • *Video of attack shows man dismembering body and eating flesh
    • *Police believe Lin and Magnotta dated

    More news of the zombie apocalypse has the Eurozone countries terrified.  Now, France is harboring a cannibal (French for zombie) who is on the run, allegedly dressed as an attractive woman. 

    The Daily Mail reports a man filmed himself chopping up his lover and then mailing some of the body parts to politicians who are also zombies.  The man is allegedly named Luke Magotta, and is on the run in France.  He originated in Canada and somehow figured out how to upload the footage of his gruesome acts to the internet. 

    What’s even scarier, is that zombies are getting so smart.  They can upload videos to YouTube, sneak onto planes and then eat their boyfriends.

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