• (MADONNA) 53 yr Old Woman Exposes Her Sin Sacks To Turkey Audience

    June 11, 2012 7:33 pm 81 comments
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  • 53 yr Old Woman Exposes Her Sin Sacks To Turkey Audience

    -Chuck D. Finley

    Madonna the 53-year-old pop star whorelot was performing her rancid song “Human Nature” in Istanbul, Turkey, Saturday when she started taking off her clothes.

    The aging porn fiend first took off her shirt, and then surprised the Islamic crowds when she then showed her black bra, showing the crowd a peak of her lapsing once fertile sins sacks. She then shocked the crowd further by pealing it back revealing her erect nipple to the audience. She then turned around to show the crowd that she had “No Fear” written on her back like a 12 year old emosexual. 

    madonna turkey

    It is reported that dozens of people were treated immediately afterwards for nausea and stomach sickness.

    While many may look at her actions as being pro American because they may have been offensive to Islamic members of her audience, a woman should never expose her sin sacks (especially such old ones) to anyone other than her husband or doctor. 

    This is also the same slut that performed at the Super Bowl and invited less desirables to perform with her. One of which flipped the bird to America.

    Madonna’s worldwide MDNA (a drug reference) tour kicked off in Israel last week, and will come to in England, Scotland and Ireland in July. I highly do not suggest clicking on it, but as long as you are a strong moral man or a registered doctor with a strong stomach you can see the unedited photos here.

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