• Mass. Town Bans Swearing in Public.

    June 14, 2012 1:50 pm 51 comments
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  • Middleborough, Mass. Should Be an Inspiration to US ALL!!!A small town in Massachusetts has voted to pass a $20 fine for swearing in public.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47769230/ns/local_news-boston_ma/t/middleborough-weighs-fines-swearing-public/


    After getting over the initial shock that accompanies evidence that any kind of morality exists coming from that part of the country, it indeed becomes a heartfelt joy to discover that there is a town that would pass such an ordinance in this age of emosexuality, Emenem, Madonna, and her Beasteality Boys.  Groups that have worked to undermine American Morals are reeling with this news.


    No longer would a band of heathen devil worshipers be able to utter their perversion and filth to the ears of Middleborough’s precious youth.  Isn’t it high time that the whole country passes a law like this?  Isn’t this a dawn of a new Morality in America where the righteous among us finally say “enough” to the perversion and verbal taunts and threats that come out of the mouths of perverts and those of ill repute?


    I have no doubt in my mind that real estate values are closely associated to the amount of filthy Bill Maher talk that fills the neighborhoods.  Who wants to buy a house next a neighbor that screams profanities every time the lawn mower quits working or a frolicking neighborhood dog accidentally kicks over a lawn ornament?


    What about in a downtown area?  No one desires being accosted on the street by foul-mouthed punks that will insult God and their country when they hurtle heathen speak at every preacher or pedestrian they see.  How free would the Word of God be in such a social environment where the unreasonable and foul would be prohibited from using the devil’s dictations to shout over the top of righteous speakers? I, myself would call this a happy day indeed!


    Of course liberals will counter these claims with simplistic talking points hiding behind the first amendment and blaming the housing crash on greedy banks of hedge fund totting goliaths that live in sheltered penthouses away from the 99% vermin that walk the streets below.  The truth is that no Godly person wants to live among cussing fools.  The godly are trustworthy people who are in particular demand by neighborhoods that wish for the return of a moral fabric to their city and with it, the demand to live in such an area.


    Middleborough, a town in a heathen state in a heathen section of the country realizes the facts that I just gave and have taken a step toward this end.  Will your town?  Are you of the type of character that can take action against swearing and speaking against the Lord God?  Please look in the mirror and search for that strength while praying to God for His guidance.  I hope and pray that you can be inspired.

    I’m in the process of gathering signatures to introduce a no-swearing-in-public bill to my city council.  I would highly suggest that you do the same.  God will look down favorably upon you and give you a special blessing. I already can feel the warmth of Christian Glow about myself as I draft my petition and venture out to gather signatures and recruits to meet this end.  I know that you will, too.

    My dear friends in Christ, I thank you for your attention and diligence.

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