• Obama Enacts New Homo-Friendly Health Act Named OSAMACARE.

    June 29, 2012 9:51 am 23 comments
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    What does Osamacare mean for me, and homosexuals?


    Mark E. Figs

    The final nail in the war on Christianity was thrust into the homogay infested coffin known as “America” today, as Hussein Obama the Supreme Chancellor of the Muslim States of America passed a bill promising free healthcare to every American, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation and legal citizenship status.

    What does this mean? Well the effects are chilling and disgusting — this means that now any gayhomosexual can receive free treatment for AIDS and butt cancer; two side effects for engaging in the filthy practice of sodomy commonly disguised as “homosexuality.” We are turning a blind eye to this homogay virus, and instead of treating it with electro-shock therapy, gay-only internment camps and prayer groups we are telling the gay community “Go ahead and continue to plunder one another’s man crevices, don’t worry about what diseases you contract and spread because God-fearing American taxpayers will foot the bill.”

    It’s of no surprise that Barack Hussein Osama enacted this bill, as he as already set the stage for killing Christianity with two other blockbuster announcements earlier this year — his support for gay marriage (which has been proven to be a gateway to beastiality) and his passing of the DREAM act which ensures that illegal burrito baby Mexicans will be given a God-approved American education. This education will only strengthen the drug cartels, because an American education is 400% better than the savage Mexican education system —  but don’t tell Hussein Osama that! This healthcare mandate is the final act in his God-hating “Trilogy of Terror.”


    (Obama masquerading as a Doctor, even though he has no such degree and is known as “Dr.Homo” in Southern Baptists circles)


    God has shown his displeasure with Hussein Obama, by burning down a majority of Colorado. This is a sign of God’s wrath, as he has obviously grown tired of Hussein’s antics furthering the gay agenda as well as gayhomo Oreos poisoning our children. America is literally burning from the inside, out.

    I digress. Back to this “666′-sponsored healthcare mandate — So not only can gays receive free treatment for their HIV’s and AIDS but now illegal Mexican babies can receive healthcare for the variety of the drug-related injuries that may occur while trafficking drugs into America. Welfare champions can continue to procreate in the ghetto and get pregnant because “Obama got me.” It doesn’t matter that they are unfit to raise themselves, much less children, but this Osamacare has opened the floodgates for thousands of irresponsible “hoodrats” named La’Sagna to continue to pump children out, regardless of the consequences. More and more children named “Wacka Flocka the Flames” will be born, to consume resources and give nothing of value back to our strong Christian economy.

    Drunks, lesbians and other sinners will be able to live a negligent lifestyle and then receive free healthcare that comes out of LEGAL CHRISTIAN taxpayer dollars. It’s common knowledge that gayhomosexuals do not pay taxes. It’s “kitsch” to them — yet they demand equal treatment and are responsible for Subway’s discomfort with the “Five Dollar Footlong” program, because of their insistence to make “deepthroat” jokes about said sandwiches!

    With this Osamacare passed, the gays and Blacks will be able to do drugs, party at raves and shoot each other over their sinful “kinky twists” and it will all be paid for by you and I, Mr and Mrs. Joe Taxpayer. Why are we rewarding sin and ignorance? No one told these people to spelunk each other’s man caves or to spend their paychecks on crack cocaine instead of health insurance! Wilford Brimley doesn’t take his health lightly, so why should ghetto gays named La’tina do any different?

    This horrible act can only signal that God is nearing his return back to Earth. What else can explain the flourishment of this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah? Today is a sad, frightful day and I encourage everyone to pray long and hard about the sad state of affairs that America has succumbed to.

    This is disgusting. I am appalled by my fellow supposed Christian countrymen. What would Jesus say about free healthcare?  

    Figs out.



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