• PBS, Your Tax Dollars, and the Satanic/Homosexual/Atheist Propaganda Machine

    June 4, 2012 6:26 pm 5 comments
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  • There is a government-funded Satanic-Homosexual propaganda program aimed squarely at America’s impressionable toddlers and preschoolers!  This program is Super Why!, and it is broadcast 5 days a week across the country.  At first glance, it seems like an ordinary educational program.  The premise is benign: four good friends solve problems while at the same time introducing children to reading.  Almost from the opening scene, though, there are layers upon layers of Homosexual and Satanic propaganda.

    After the episode’s “Super Big Problem” has been established, the four main characters meet up at a “clubhouse.”  (It is worth noting that the landscape they travel through features many mushrooms…a nod to illicit drug use?)  They discuss the problem, and decide to “Look in a book!”  Fair enough; the program is ostentatiously about reading.  However, this is a turning point in the show.  One of the characters, Princess Pea, proceeds to recite a magic spell!  This is the first overt example of Satanic influences, but only one of many.

    The Super Readers then transform in a manner reminiscent of a drag queen makeover.  First we’ll discuss Super Why.  In his “normal” form, he is a little boy named Whyatt who dresses in a polo shirt and khaki pants.  However, he transforms into a green-clad superhero with his underpants outside his clothing!  The logo on his chest is a book encircled by what appears to be a symbolic representation of an atom.  This is a clear nod to the Satanists’ close ally, the Atheists.  Super Why has a “Why Writer” as a tool.  At times, it sounds as though he is announcing that he is using his “vibrator,” and the thing certainly is phallic!  It is worth pointing out that Super Why’s superhero persona is reminiscent of another green-clad superhero who flew using waves of green-colored energy: the now openly homosexual Green Lantern!  This points to a long-term conspiracy by the Homosexual Agenda to create an affinity for green superheroes, and then indoctrinate innocent young children to believe that being Homosexual is a positive, heroic trait.

    Another of the Super Readers, Princess Pea, transforms into the glamorous Princess Presto.  While she appears to be a fairy-tale princess, she quickly disabuses the viewer of the notion that she is anything but a spell-weaving Witch, one of the handmaidens of Satan!  Her symbol is a star, prominently featured on her magic wand.  She rarely holds the wand so that the star points up; instead, it nearly always points down, in the shape of a pentagram.  When she does her “Spelling,” stars swirl outward from her wand, again with the majority of them aligned as pentagrams.  

    Wonder Red is the alter-ego of Little Red Riding Hood, and she is absolutely appalling.  She transforms into a butch roller-derby Lesbian, wearing what appears to be a bathing suit and roller skates.  Her symbol is a spiral; spirals are a Pagan symbol and refer to her Lesbian nature.  About the only good thing to say about Wonder Red is that she wears a helmet, elbow, and knee pads for safety while roller skating.

    I’ve saved Pig for last, with good reason.  First of all, Pig is not even human.  A talking animal skirts the dangerous edge of blasphemy, but that may be the smallest of the affronts to Christian decency embodied in this character.  Pig transforms into Alpha Pig, a clear representation of one of the Homosexual icons from the Village People obscured only by his porcine depiction.  He wears a hard hat, goggles, a short-sleeved and legged body suit, and a tool belt.  Pig’s symbol is a triangle, represented in different colors (rainbow) in different situations.  For example, on his belt it is orange and yellow, but on his hat it is purple.  Perhaps using a pink triangle would have been too obvious?  Pig is a clear foreshadowing of the Homosexual Agenda’s desire to promote not only Homosexual behavior between humans, but to introduce bestiality into their continued program of destruction of the human race!

    Besides the main characters, there are a variety of background symbols and plot devices that deliver a subliminal approval of the Satanic/Homosexual Conspiracy.  I mentioned the mushrooms previously; Homosexuals frequently use a wide variety of psychotropic drugs.  Littering the landscape with odd-shaped leaves and pills would be too obvious, though.  In later episodes, Whyatt brings his dog Puppy with him to the clubhouse.  Puppy transforms into Woofster, a talking dog.  This is clearly a Satanic occurrence, since the dog could not speak before the spell.  Woofster allegedly has “Dictionary Power,” and will frequently use his “Dog’s Dictionary” to define words for the group.  This is clearly a Satanic reference; we all know what the word Dog is the reverse of!  It is worth noting that Woofster rides along with Super Why in his Why Rider (the rocket-like vehicles that take the Super Readers into the magically selected story book); again an attempt to open impressionable minds to the possibility of Bestiality, the end goal of the Homosexual Agenda.

    The Why Riders emit a peculiar exhaust: rainbow question marks!  The rainbow, the symbol of the Homosexual Agenda, coupled with the question mark in a clear nod to the Athiest allies of Satan.  This imagery couldn’t get much bolder!  The question mark is also used to decorate Super Why’s Why Writer.  This tool is used to rewrite the story, which is an unsubtle metaphor for what the Satanists, Homosexuals, and Atheists want to do: rewrite the Christian story!

    Throughout the episode, viewers are encouraged to search for “Super Letters.”  These are sparkly red letters that will spell out the answer to the Super Big Problem once put into the Super Duper Computer.  In addition to being sparkly (an affectation of the Homosexuals) and red (the color of Sin), the letters appear in random order throughout the episode.  It is a realistic expectation that they are spelling out secret Homosexual messages that could potentially make sleeper Homosexuals out of the small children watching the show!  

    It is utterly appalling, but sadly not unexpected, that our tax dollars are being used to create this type of propaganda show.  I would like to encourage parents to boycott Super Why! and whichever local PBS station is airing it.  Write to your Congressional Representative and Senator, and inform them that you will not stand idly by while they support this indoctrinating programming.  And while they debate the issue, teach your children to read using the only book that matters: the Holy Bible!

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