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    June 6, 2012 1:47 am 42 comments
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    Canada’s Boy-Toy Killer




    Canada’s Boy-Toy Killer
    Luka Rocco Magnotta

    Canada’s First Bath Salts
    Zombie Cannibal-Sodomy Incident

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    To chrisTwire’s editors…

    I found this enclosed in a disturbing email from someone I’ve never heard of before. I just can’t believe the media sensationalism over this one case. We’ve had multiple outbreaks throughout the US involving Bath Salts Zombie Cannibal-Sodomites and no one believes us! We’re all liars making the news up according to the ignorant Godless lost children of chrisTwire.org who daily post their rage and hate of all things Christians, and that includes the writer’s and staff who work diligently for this highly respected conservative Christian Website and news agency. These children, each one the evil spawn of the devil are commonly known as “Flockers” at the ChrisTwire News Network (CNN).

    The flockers are the demonically possessed bastardly offspring of many an unholy union, which is often the case, these orphans have never met their parents and know almost nothing about them. They are the dumpster babies of the “lost generation” whose parents left them to die or ditched them at a Fire Station. And mom & dad we’re the Godforsaken hippie draft dodgers of the 60s & 70s. Abandoning their faith, family, homes and salvation these Tye-died weirdos we’re everywhere encouraging INSURRECTION, rioting, lynching minorities in the South and running their illicit marijuana, LSD and Cocaine on the black market. And where the dope went the violence followed!

    And today it is our burden and Christian duty to shoulder the weight of the of crimes and sins of these “Flower Children” and fornicators who, like their parents were busy doing other things like burning their bras publicly and injection marijuana and other foreign substances into their veins for a cheap high. Much to busy being the lowly “drop outs” of civil society who could’ve cared less for their children, most became property of the state.

    And their children by now have reproduced without ever having a parent, or real sibling or a home to be raised in. Drugs severed God’s natural order of one generation of Christians raising the next generation of new Christians; and these dirty doped up hippies are to blame! They were so wasted none of them saw the devil when he quietly snatched their sinful souls and dragged them all to hell. It happened decades ago when dad was some swinging dick who showed up at a keger and mom had a renowned reputation for being the High School slut, spending most of her time at parties with her legs spread in the backseat of some guys car.

    While their parents laughed it up, consuming copious amounts of Satan’s liquor, doing smack, and taking bong rips they’d already unwittingly condemned themselves before God. When they sobered up they couldn’t remember a thing, so they smoked pot which takes one’s memory like a theft in the night. Consequently today we live in a dramatically sinful culture where children are having children,  and they have friends whose parents are two dads. No one remembers how to properly rear a child and their solution is to dump parenthood onto the schools and government. Just like their hippie parents who were too high and forgot to go to church, today kids have no clue what a church or a library is.

    The parents of these misfits of the lost generation are the survivors who were left in a dumpster to die; the lucky ones were tossed out at Fire Stations. Sadly a miscommunication with our Canadian neighbors up north resulted in scores of infant deaths as Canada’s high-school hookers we’re dumping their children off at Fire Stations there. In the dead of winter or summer these neighboring charlatans dropped their heathen children off at Canadian Fire Stations never realizing most fire stations there are volunteer and unmanned. The names of those forgotten children, born without souls has since been lost to history.

    The story of the Boy-Toy Killer is just one case that came to the surface of public awareness that can be directly linked to the lost generation. He was one of the lucky ones however who had a name and whose grandparents assumed the role of mom and dad and provided him a home to be raised in.

    Falling away from Scripture as we have seen our nation do in recent years blinded many Americans to the fact that Satan came and snatched their souls too when they were busy with other things.

    Anyways this email so offended me that I decided it needed to be posted to the Holy site to reveal the truth and expose yellow journalism at its very worst.

    Rev. Billy Ray

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    Rev. Billy Ray Rev. Billy Ray Sunday is 3rd generation preacher. He lives in Forkland, AL and is a journalist for chrisTwire.com.

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