• RetroBlasting: Enabling the Manboyification of America

    June 5, 2012 4:23 pm 44 comments
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  • I love my grandson Jimmy. But he is a 35 year old man that is still infatuated with toys. As a woman that is about to turn 83 years of age I do not understand this. What is this preoccupation that young men of today have with recapturing their youth? 

    In my day men in their 30’s and 40’s worked. They had families to take care of. Sure they bought toys but they were for the children. Now men of this age are spending thousands or dollars a year on toys that they don’t even play with! They put them on a mantle just to look at!


    There are plenty of websites on the internets where these manboys can get their fix but I was particularly disturbed by one that I saw on Jimmy’s facebook page. Since jimmy lives with me I like to keep an eye on his internet activities to make sure he is not on drugs or a wiccan, or even worse.

    This new page on his facebook feed was called RetroBlasting. Since it sounded like some kind of gay sex act, I decided to look further into it. I found a link to a youtube page. The first video that I discovered did not sound so bad.



    I can tell you that I am glad to learn about the dangers of Thundercats. I never knew how utterly disgusting they were but that video does not make up for his continued glorification of adult toy collecting and general nerdiness. It is times like this that I am reminded of the problems my friend Ethel had with her son last year

    But then Mr. French has other videos to glorify this preponderance of nerdiness. In one video he even revels in the violence of something called “Japanese Voltron Go Lion”. I find his animated blood lust very disturbing.



    So if you are a godless young man that is more interested in rediscovering your youth, then this retroblasting is for you. If you are a decent christian trying to have a proper husband and father for your children, I have to say make sure Retroblasting is not in your Internet Explorer bookmarks.



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