• That’s A Clown Question, Bro, Says Democrat Senator Harry Reid

    June 21, 2012 12:45 pm 73 comments
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  • The Democratic Party is what happens when teenagers refuse to grow up.  The same kids you remember from childhood who refuse to wash their hands after using the potty, like to look up a women’s skirt, don’t like to do work but want to eat free Doritos all day, think pizza parties is a great political platform for class presidency and of course, do dangerous drugs like methylated maryjane WEED are the type of people you see become Democrats.

    It’s truly bizarre that America even lets these people organize and have a voice, but here we see the ultimate Democrat leader Harry Reid flip-flop on a question.  The backstory is that Harry Reid was caught plying a nineteen year old baseball player named Bryce Harper with all sorts of alcohol under some bleachers at Nats Park stadium.

    Republican John Boehner caught Reid and demanded an explanation, and therefore Reid held a press conference soon after.  When the press asked Reid about the alcohol in question that he was using for his nasty Democratic fleshlust, Reid could only respond:  That’s a Clown Question, bro.

    There must be a John Edwards school of perversion all these democrats attend.  Republican men never truly do anything like this and don’t repent.


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