• The Supreme Court is Destroying America‏

    June 29, 2012 6:11 pm 89 comments
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  • Supreme Court LibiNazisThe LibiNazis win again as the Supreme Court passed ObummerCare, forcing many hardworking, perfectly healthy Americans to purchase health care, otherwise they’ll be taxed. It’s another example of Big Government forcing us to buy something we don’t need, and then penalizing us for not complying. But, I digress. I’m not here to judge these nitwits. I’m here to spread love and knowledge through intelligence and reason, all under the guidance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

    The Supreme Court’s recent actions have proven they are trying to destroy America from the inside out. This is just another notch in the belt for the hypocrites and unrighteous who walk this sad Earth. This is a landmark event, but it’s not the happy little fun ride so many of you think it’s going to be. We’re forced to buy healthcare, and we’re forced to buy digital television sets. What’s next? Are we going to be forced to only vegetarian food because the Supreme Court doesn’t want animals to be hurt? This isn’t the first time the Supreme Court has tipped its hand to destroy this beautiful country. This has been going on for years.

    1973 – Roe vs Wade
    The Supreme Court rules that a woman may kill the fetus inside of her womb because it is her “right.” So a woman can murder her unborn child, but a man who kills another man goes to prison? Killing is killing, and murder is murder. This is just another case of not punishing women for sins because women are a minority and we don’t want to hurt their feelings. This is a Christian nation, and the Supreme Court is disobeying the 10 Commandments and therefore, turning people away from God. 

    1984 – Jones vs The State of California
    Once again, the American Supreme Court of heathens ruled in favor of abortion, but this time, mothers who murder their children in the form of abortion can get a tax break to cover some medical and recovery costs. That’s right. The government pays women to murder their children, as long as a doctor stands by to help out.

    Jesus our Lord and Savior1996 – Sanders vs 3M

    Godless Supreme Court Libinazis rule in favor of Sanders after she took her employer 3M to court for not giving her medical leave after an abortion. She was awarded thousands of dollars and then proceeded to collect unemployment. Two sins for the price of one: murder and sloth.

    2006 – Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England
    Abortions for everyone without the government having any restrictions, even during medical emergency. The Obummer government throws its hands into the air and claims women can murder their children with no consequences. 

    How does this connect to the “Supreme” Court destroying America? Well, as any intelligent human being with half a mind can see, the Supreme Court is brainwashing Americans into killing upcoming generations. Look how easy it is to murder a fetus. In fact, the government pays people to do so. This whole ObummerCare campaign gives Americans easier access to fetus death camps.

    There is a secret Supreme Court agenda at play here. Their final plan has yet to be seen, but from what I can tell you with the information I’ve uncovered is that if these heathens are not stopped now, this country and its people will become extinct. 

    This is a tipping point for us all. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, non-white, a man or a female, a good samaritan, or a homogay. This affects us all. Non-believers need to find Christ to gain the strength to stand up to the Supreme Court and let them know that Americans will not take this sitting down. Please, find your inner-strength through Jesus and join my crusade. Sinners need not apply.

    I will continue a full on investigation into the Supreme Court’s plan to destroy America. No one can silence the truth, even though so many of you are too blind to see it.
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