• Top 5 Reasons Homosexuality Is Wrong, By Their Own “Logic” And So-Called Beliefs

    June 26, 2012 8:52 am 110 comments
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    We all know that the bible says homogays are an abomination. All the good Christians in God’s America know that homosexuality is wrong. But what about science? What about the law? This author does not believe in science, as it’s barely one step removed from witchcraft of some kind, but let’s just play “devil’s advocate” (pun intended) and prove that the homogays are wrong, by their own rules and so-called logic. What better time to learn the truth about this than s0-called “Gay Pride” weekend.

    1. Evolution

    Evolution is the belief that random genetic mutations that are advantageous to a species get passed on to offspring, and the best improvements are the ones that help the species adapt and survive. If homosexuality were the norm for an entire species, absolutely zero genetic traits would be passed down, because the homogay can’t reproduce. So if evolution were a real thing, the homogay would be extinct. If homosexuality were natural, the human species would be extinct. Neither of these things has happened. Your move, so-called “science”.

    2. Civil Rights

    The crooked liberal politicians and their equally criminal monopoly of the media would have you believe that so-called civil rights are a boon to society. But the supposed limit to these so-called rights is where your right to do something infringes someone else’s rights. Sodomy infringes on a man’s god given right to have his body unharmed by the disgusting desires of the sodomite. By allowing this fad to continue, the homogay is infringing upon its own civil rights, as well as the good people of Christianity’s right to not be disgusted.

    3. “Pride”

    So-called “Gay Pride” weekend is a celebration of the anniversary of The Stonewall riots in Jew York City (pun intended) where an illegal sodomy club was raided by the police, and the homogay criminals assaulted police and broke law after law. Jesus preached the virtues of “turning the other cheek”, but these degenerates decided to slash the other cheek with a broken bottle. Slashing the tires of police cars which they also attempted to overturn, throwing bricks, rocks and trash cans, these homogays were criminal thugs. They set the bar on fire. They sang degenerate songs to provoke the peace-keeping police, such as, “We are the Stonewall girls/ We wear our hair in curls/ We don’t wear underwear/ We show our pubic hairs”. Now the homogays celebrate their act of terrorism every year. Terrorism is nothing to be proud of, Osama Bum Lovin’.

    4. GLAAD

    According to their website, “The GLAAD Media Awards were established in 1989 to ‘recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives.'”. Meanwhile, GLAAD was formed in 1985 in order to dishonestly suppress the media’s accurate portrayal of the homogay spreading of AIDS. Now these gay bullies force people to kowtow to their agenda. Gay bullies sounds familiar. Oh, that’s right. Gay bullying is supposedly an epidemic causing homogay teens to kill themselves. Meanwhile, GLAAD engages in gay bullying themselves, bullying Tracy Jordan into apologizing. If Tracy Jordan kills himself, we all know who is to blame. Hypocritical much, GLAAD?


    5. “Faith”

    Not content to be Godless heathens, some degenerate homogays have started to twist the bible to support their disgusting lifestyle. The Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches is an organization that ignores the fact that the Bible clearly states that God hates homogays. Real Christians do not support sin. It wasn’t enough for individual gays to go to hell, now they’ve formed congregations of hell-goers. Looking for a group discount on your trip to Hades, homogays? As if your disgusting lifestyle weren’t enough to send you to hell in a handbag, now you’re worshiping false idols. You are like a scientist who tries to change the so-called laws of physics so he can fly like Superman. News Flash, “Superman”: You’re not even Wonder Woman, no matter what wig you put on. If there is real justice in your so-called “religion” anyone in league with you will end up burning in hell for all of eternity, as God’s America watches and laughs.

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