• Tosh.0 & Gay Collaborators at Films That You Like, Air Child Pornography!

    June 20, 2012 12:19 pm 250 comments
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  • Sodomite Daniel Tosh Airs Child Pornography on Tosh.0

    Rev. Billy Ray Sunday

    <chrisTwire> Only two days ago the big news broke that Gays throughout the country announced the “Gay Marriage Movement” was nothing more than a spoof on Christian-Americans to annoy them. You can link to that raw story here:  http://dailybleach.com/gays-claim-gay-marriage-movement-was-just-a-joke-to-annoy-christians/.

    While Christian-Americans everywhere we’re laughing at being the butt of a gay-prank and breathing a sigh of relief, the Gay-Underground at Tosh.0 aired footage on Comedy Central that had previously been banned in schools and labeled as homosexual child pornography.

    Behind the recent release of this unholy trash are the film makers at “Films That You Like, LLC,” an unlicensed gay underground production company that films underage high school boys performing unspeakable acts of sodomy has been traced to three still yet unidentified boys using the alias’ of Jake, Kegan and James, all of whom perform an un-Godly threesome scene on a golf course involving anal sex.

    And sick media-whores including Daniel Tosh, John Travolta and Tiger Woods, who appears in a brief cameo during this film have been pushing to get their boy-smut aired on prime time TV. And last night while I was watching TV in the 8 pm hour Tosh.0 aired the entire 3:06 smut film called Faculty Follies uncensored!

    I was able to locate this video on YouTube where it has become a sensation with America’s children. I have linked this video here but I must warn you, this three minute film is explicitly graphic and must never be viewed by children or the elderly. On the Films That You Like YouTube site their is another warning:

    “We were asked to make these shorts to be played at certain points during faculty follies at our school, but then it was rejected because there were “too many things lined up.” Also because it is terrible, and our school didn’t like the gay undertones/ overtones.”

    Here at chrisTwire we work tirelessly to protect you and your children from ever being exposed to such human degradation as this and we have targeted YouTube to force them to shut down until all the child pornography has been removed from their evil Website. Won’t you join us in our Christian campaign to shut down YouTube?


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    Rev. Billy Ray Rev. Billy Ray Sunday is 3rd generation preacher. He lives in Forkland, AL and is a journalist for chrisTwire.com.

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