• Women Aren’t Funny: Female Comedians Are Minions Of Satan

    June 7, 2012 8:59 pm 134 comments
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  • In modern so-called society, good Christian folks like you and I are forced to be “tolerant” of all sorts of things nobody should ever have to tolerate. Comedians are getting more and more vulgar, with Tracy Jordan espousing premarital sex and children out of wedlock, Louis CK preaching tolerance of homosex (with words this Christian will not repeat!), and Blacks screaming into microphones instead of just telling a good, clean joke. But these aren’t the worst things a Christian fan of comedy faces.

    Women comedians, or comediennes, if you will, (and I think I will.) are clearly working for Satan. From Cathy Griffin’s “Whore’s On Crutches” glamorizing sinful prostitution, to Ellen Degeneres spreading her homogay agenda as casually as one would feign tripping over a pebble, the Devil is at work within these Jezebels. Ellen should change her name to “Hell And Degenerates”. Female comedians act as if they are unaware of a very important fact: God gave women periods as punishment for original sin, not as fodder for hack menstrual jokes. Save that filth for the Lilith Fairs.

    Comediennes are the lowest of the low. Instead of providing good, intelligent family entertainment like Jeffrey Dunham and Bill Engval, they spread vile, vaginocentric propaganda, brainwashing audiences with their radical feminist agendas. Go to any comedy night in your town, and you are likely to see a so-called “comedienne” reducing the beautiful celebration of the union between man, woman and god to a hackneyed so-called “joke” about dresses or overindulging in the demon alcohol, engaging in fellatio at the reception, or even demanding that the homogays be allowed the privilege. Not funny, ladies. Would you talk to your pastor like that?

    Women aren’t funny. Women are important to our society in different ways than men are. Men can be depended on for humor. Women can be depended on for helping with a small fraction of being fruitful and multiplying. My wife makes the best peach cobbler I’ve ever tasted, but she’s about as good at jokes as she is at math; she knows when she’s trying and failing to do men’s work. I wear the funny pants in this family. I am the teller of jokes at the dinner table, after grace, of course.

    In conclusion, the Good Lord gives each of us a gift. We have our roles. Man have the gift of humor and logic. Women have the gift of providing nourishing meals and tidying the den. Our roles are assigned to us by God and Jesus, and we should show them  their due praise by doing what’s right. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to make sure Mrs. Ford is getting supper started, and perhaps pick out a good knock-knock joke to tell the family while we eat.

    “Knock Knock”

    “Who is there?”


    “Orange who?”

    “Orange you glad that It’s me, Frederick, and not that deviant foreign homogay Korean Margaret Choy?”

    Hey, women, I’m funnier than you. May you repent, and may god save your souls.

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