• Your God-Given Right To Follow Europeans Around

    June 7, 2012 8:59 pm 113 comments
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  • Grab any random schoolboy on any American street and ask him about Europe. Spank his butt hard if he can’t tell you that Europe is the most deviant and perverted nation on Gods green earth. If the schoolboy knows what’s going on in Europe, a gentle, encouraging smack on his tushy will send him on his way with a smile and the cheerful refrain “God bless America, sir!”.

    Have you ever followed a European? You would be amazed what you’ll find out.

    One time I was driving along, minding my own business, in my home town of Rancho Cucamonga, California when a European cut me off. It’s easy to spot a European driver in our country. Obviously they’ll be speeding. They will also pay no attention whatever to Stop signs and, in particular the 4-way Stop sign seems to bewilder them. Europeans are also invariably the idiots who can’t figure out the ‘right on red’ rule and you have to honk incessantly at them to get them to move.
    Anyway, as I had nothing else to do that day and a full tank of gas, I decided to follow them to see what they were up to. There were two caucasian, clearly European males in a red convertible Pontiac Sunfire heading west on Cedar. When I figured they hadn’t spotted me I followed them left onto 65th and almost immediately a tricky right onto Acacia.
    They entered the driveway of a large house and stopped. I stopped a few yards down the road to avoid suspicion. In my rear-view I saw them get out of the car, laughing and taking their fancy shopping bags into the house. Nothing very suspicious so far you might say, but there was something about them I didn’t trust and so I got out of my car. I checked that the safety was off and there was a round in the chamber and gingerly approached the house.
    Through the large front window I saw they had moved to the back of the house so I carefully made my way round, ducking under windows and listening intently to their shrieks of laughter. The pop of a champagne cork had me reaching for my .38 special. False alarm. As I maneuvered myself around the side of the house I noticed how suspiciously tidy their yard was. No junk, broken chairs or children’s toys. The lawn, bushes and trees were so well kept I think I gagged a little. As I rounded the back of the house I saw the true face of European depravity. In the short time they were out of my sight they had polished off almost all the champagne and were efficiently undressing each other and moaning in Hungarian or possibly Italian.
    Before I could avert my eyes or reach for my pistol, these perverts were engaging in the most depraved homosexual acts upon one another, defiling each others tanned, lithe bodies in an indescribable scene of typically European filth. It was a ghastly, almost hypnotic vision of hell and by the time they had finished their dreadful deeds some 45 minutes had passed. As they lay on top of one another sweating and smoking their disgusting cigarettes I made my way back to my car, shocked to the very core of my being and in somewhat of a daze. I drove home carefully, burned my clothes and stood in a hot shower praying and scrubbing my entire body hard for at least a half hour before I felt clean again.

    My suspicions about Europeans had been one hundred per cent correct. They are a sick, depraved people, devoid of any morality a right-thinking American would recognize. And yet we welcome them to this country in huge numbers. Likewise, lots of Americans pay good money to visit their dens of vice expecting culture, old buildings and princesses. Instead we Americans have our noses rubbed in their liberal, pot-infested fleshpots and rave culture only to come home broke, shocked and confused by their warped lifestyle choices.
    If you follow a European you might have a completely different experience than mine, but I doubt it. However, I believe we should not only follow any Europeans we spot on our soil but intervene when they step over the line into the hellish madness they partake in. This is America, Euroweirdos! We simply cannot allow your perversions to infect our children or impressionable adults! We have the right to bear arms in this great country and next time I follow Europeans I’ll be exercising that right to the full and I strongly urge you all to do the same. One useful tip I learned is to have your weapon drawn before your body goes into shock like mine. Hopefully you’ll get a round or two away before the horror really takes hold. May God bless you all, and God Bless America!

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    mark waldron I read the bible religiously and do my duty as a citizen no matter what. I do these things, and some others, in Rancho Cucamonga, California. My passion in life is guns. I have an impressive selection of firearms covering all possible situations where the deployment of ordinance is deemed necessary. I have never been in the military but I have always followed its creed and I feel honor-bound to project the power of the United States by the overwhelming use of armed aggression if and when the Supreme Commander of The Armed Forces orders it. I stand upright, steadfast and ready to shoot.

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