• 5 Reasons England is NOT Good Enough to Host the Olympics

    July 13, 2012 11:53 pm 436 comments
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  • In ancient times the Greeks created the Olympics to honor their pagan gods, when the modern Olympics were recreated they were to honor our true god, Jesus Christ.

    But this year the Olympics are going to be held in an evil, anti-god country, known as England. America has a long history with England. Our first proud Americans came to this great land to escape the persecution they were suffering at the hands of the English.

    The English had done away with the Church and created a new religion based around the Monarch. In days long past the worship was directed to the king but today they embrace their queen as the leader of their church. 

    David Beckham left his native land for America, but helped England get the Olympics, yet is excluded from playing soccer for his homeland.

    This angers God. The real true God, Jesus Christ. God hates England as I revealed to the world last summer. At that time the country was burning to the ground, because of them turning from the True God. 

    Here are five reasons that England should not host the Olympics.

    The Queen:

    The Queen’s Jubilee Celebration was an affront to God. The nation took a week to celebrate her as a god. Not only that, but they forced the following countries to participate as well: Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Belize, The Bahamas, Barbados, New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts,  Nevis, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

    queen olympics

    Tell me that man in the back isn’t Satan himself!

    Not only are those nations forced to worship at the altar of Elizabeth II but are even being forced to contribute money to her celebrations! In early 2012, Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard announced Australia would make a A$5.4 million contribution, then New Zealand coughed up $1 million to their British overlord bullies.

    It is no secret that England is a godless land. It is a sodomizing, island nation, banana republic in the North Atlantic and God hates it.  Yes God Hates England. Instead of worshiping Jesus as their lord and savior they worship a 90 something year old woman that won’t die just like Catholics worship Mary Magdalene with their Hail Marys’. I hate England and so does god. They spit in his face.


    World Domination:

    britishIt was once said that the sun never set on the British Kingdom. But the false god worshiping British pushed their people too far and groups rebelled. Especially after America showed the way to freedom from England’s oppressive grasp.

    They wanted to deny our Christian fore fathers the right to worship Jesus Christ and we denied them their foot hold in the Americas. After we took our freedom at the tip of a musket, they were forced to embrace the northern inbred’s in Canada and to take land from the French in Quebec to form a nation even more disgusting to God than Britain itself.

    God Hates Canada, too.


    We already know that England is soft on terrorism. During the 1980’s when America was enjoying a glorious terrorist free existence, the English were getting bombed and hijacked every other week from the IRA and Muslims. If they had been brave and strong enough to do something about terrorism then they would have whipped it out just as we have over the last decade. Because of the United States of America the world is right now free from terrorist threats.

    queen handshake terroristBut just less than a month ago the Queen (are we seeing a common problem with this country yet) shook the hand of an IRA terrorist that killed her own cousin in a bomb attack 30 years ago. She shook the hand of the man that killed her husband. Can you imagine that? George Bush, the great former President of our great land went to war with the man that hatched an unsuccessful scheme to assassinate his father and another former President.

    In 1993 Saddam Hussein tried to have George Bush Sr. killed in Kuwait. As soon as George Jr. became president we invaded Iraq, where we found Saddam in a hole in the ground. We pulled him out and hanged him. We sure as heck didn’t shake his hand.

    They Will Infect Our Athletes:

    top gearAs I have noted before in my ground breaking journalistic master piece (London is Burning: Why God Hates England), England is a horrible godless land of perverts and sodomites. Yet our great American athletes are good moral upstanding young people. 

    But what can we expect from them when they return? Will they be a bunch of effeminate dandies? Will they turn to wiccan sorcery? Or rampage around the country side in overpriced cars like this bunch of jerks?

    Top Gear is a show is about three aging middle aged men who recklessly drive around cars like pubescent 16 years olds. They also have a fourth member of the show that is a deaf-mute racecar driver that may or may not have brain damage. 

    Too Ugly A People:

    The British are not an attractive people. To prove it, not too long ago the nation got together and decided that this woman, Florence Colgate, is the most attractive woman in their country.

    british most beautiful woman

    Renée Zellweger?

    In fact, a British scientist (those weirdo’s call them “Boffins”) from the Perception Lab at the University of St Andrews’ School of Psychology (a school that I am sure is just as accredited as Mount Ida)said:

     “Florence has all the classic signs of beauty. She has large eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and a fair complexion. Symmetry appears to be a very important cue to attractiveness.”

    In comparison, here is Miss USA 2012, Olivia Culpo who just won her title earlier this month.

    miss usa 2012

    Now that is beauty and class.

    We have all heard the stereotypes about what the typical English person looks like. I have been told by friends that have visited England, and some of the few intelligent British that have left their godless nation and settled here, that the stereotypes are all true.

    The British have horrible teeth due to the socialized medicine that leaves them in endless lines for such simple dental necessities as tooth paste. The women I am told have cankles. I am told these are legs where there is no definition to the calf and ankles. They are one and the same.

    For reference sake here is a picture of a typical English couple. I promise one is a man. I just don’t know which.

    ugly brits


    I hope that we can all agree, that England was clearly a horrible place to host the Olympics this year. This is the same nation that was set aflame just a year ago.  Could they have made a worse decision? Perhaps in four years from now we can have the Olympics in Syria. That might be a worse place than England.

    This is England

    This is England…


    …and this is Syria.

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