• 99% of murderous rampages by women are performed outside the kitchen.

    July 19, 2012 10:07 am 15 comments
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  • Every year, Americans begin to notice more and more of a tragic trend among women.  The female population is slowly straying from the special place God intended them to be placed: the kitchen.  Women may want to think twice about leaving their cozy and beloved kitchens when they find this new statistical evidence.

    According to research studies, women are significantly more likely to go on murderous rampages when outside their kitchens.  The kitchen is a safe haven for women to avoid randomly murdering people.  If they stray, they are more likely to commit such crimes.  Women who are moral, kind, and modest know that they will not be driven mad with homicidal rage if they decide to stay where they belong.

    It is best to lock the kitchen so that women do not escape.  This way, they will not commit bad and evil crimes that kill people.

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