• Ambidexterity, demonic thoughts, and the liberal “Christian” movement

    July 16, 2012 3:34 pm 77 comments
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    Down through the ages, True Christianity has been part of the right-hand path. It’s got rules and teachings on how to live correctly in order to please God and not burn in Hell with Satan one day. On the other hand, the left-hand path religions, which all fall under an umbrella concept called “Satanism”, lacks any such rules and teaches people that they may do as they please. We all know what happens when people lack direction; they become the devil’s pawns and thus engage in uninhibited gay orgies, sodomy, pedophilia, and blood sacrifices.

    Satanists, all non-Christian folk in other words, are influenced by the devil in various degrees, depending on how much sin they have committed against the Lord. Right-handed Satanists do not hear the voice of demons inside their head, because they are right-handed and this is a sign of Godliness and Godliness is what protects against the evil voices. People who are left-handed hear voices in their head and these voices tell them to be creative and do creative things. This is why left-handed people are generally creative. Anyone who says this is to do with the dominant hemisphere in the brain is lying to you. The devil will do anything to suppress reality.

    A problem arises in ambidextrous people, because these people are the real troublemakers and the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Being ambidextrous, they use both left and right hands. This means the right-handed part of them considers themselves Christian and the left-handed part of them receives demonic thoughts, but these thoughts are made subconscious by the right-handed part, meaning they play loose with the rules and bring in creativity to Christianity. They call themselves liberal Christians. God alone is the creator and True Christianity is and will always be His creation.  You cannot mess around with the Kingdom of God without burning in Hell forever one day.

    Hope is not lost. Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the liberal Christians and other unsaved filth can change their ways and receive a place in Heaven. All it takes is to convert all left-handed and ambidextrous people to right-handedness. This will exorcise any and all demons and bring on mental clarity. I have always believed in and promoted this method when it comes to issues of demonic possession. This method can also be used to cure homosexuality and pedophilia, which are the same thing in God’s eyes, and therefore are the same thing, period. Think about why people shake hands with their right hand to forge agreements and deals, and you will soon realize it is the power of God that works through handshakes. Amen.

    It is our responsibility as True Christian folk to find out who is left-handed and ambidextrous and convert any we find. Any such afflicted people who refuse to participate in our Godly conquest against the devil will require an exorcism. If the exorcism fails, we might have to consider cutting off and burning the left hand because this is where demons live in a possessed person. I must leave and continue with my Godly duties. Let us fight the evil filth that lurks among us. Right-handedness is a godly weapon. God bless you all.

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    About The Author
    Reuben_Harper Retired pastor from Cape Town, South Africa. I am a middle-aged Afrikaans man who is downright disgusted with the state of the world and how people try to interpret Christianity as they please and make fun of it. I will have none of it. I have joined Christwire.org because I believe and know they are True Christians. I will fight liberal Christianity tooth and nail and will spill my blood in the service of Christ my savior. Amen.

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