• Antoine Dodson Admits “Chick Fil-A Chicken More Important that Being Gay”

    July 27, 2012 8:19 am 4 comments
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  • Chick Fil-A has found a way to cure gay in black people. It can take the dantiest of black chocolate and turn it into a heaping pile of chocolate thunder.

    Mr. Gay Black 2011, Antoine Dodson, is a man of great distinction.  Many remember how he valiently saved his sister from a would-be Afro-American bed intruder with nothing but a rolled up newspaper, then went on to make a rap song of epic boasts about his actions.  Using the money from his action, Antoine moved his family from the Lincoln Park projects and into a safer neighborhood where there naturally was a lower density of melanin.

    But despite all the heroism, Antoine Dodson still had the issue of gay to work out.  It was a part of him and he just could not shake it off.  But now it seems that in this entire mess of the liberal left trying to destroy Chick Fil-A for upholding America’s Constitutional obligation to GOD and BIBLE, they’ve inadvertendly revealed there is a way to cure African-Americans of being gay.

    The backstory here is quite simple:  we all know that black people love some fried chicken.  You can take the most refined vegan African-American of all time and leave him alone in a room full of fried chicken.  Within minutes, he’ll have a greasy face and gorge himself.  He cannot help it, it’s genetic.

    This genetic love for fried chicken is stronger than the urge to be gay, for blacks.  And apparently, Chick Fil-A fried chicken sandwiches are the most savory form of chicken for young blacks.  Antoine Dodson confessed his fondness for Chick Fil-A and his inability to stop eating it, despite being gay and knowing that eating Chick Fil-A is a confession that you are no longer gay.

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