• Atheist Caught Selling Soul on Ebay, Call It “Higgs Boson” Particle

    July 9, 2012 5:48 pm 119 comments
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    Room gules with the black lights of Satanic spells, atheist superscientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson overlooks his team’s creation, the Large Hadron Collider.  The machine is capable of sucking the ‘God Particle’, or what we call the soul, right of a living human.  Such power is being used by atheists to blackmail the Vatican and Christians into accepting abortion, teenage pregnancy, evolution and other unGodly things.  Atheists have been caught selling the soul of Christians as ‘Higgs Boson’ particles on Ebay.

    Atheist scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson has betrayed God and America. He has worked with Satanic freemasons from the European Union to create a machine that can suck the ‘soul’ right out of a living person. Atheists are calling the soul, which apparently has a particulate nature, the “God Particle”. The evolutionist’s scientific cult word for this particle is the “Higgs Boson” particle, named after the two demonic priests who oversaw the experiment and colluded with Satan to make the Large Hadron machine exist in the physical plane.

    The name Hadron itself should have been a dead giveaway that the machine itself is evil.  Hadron stands for:  Hell’s Atheists Displacing Reality of Nature.   The large machine, located beneath the city of Geneva, Switzerland, is a portal generator that allows space-time from hell to flow straight into Earth.  The hot particles from Satan’s home excite the particles of Earth at ‘superspeeds’, increasing their kinetic energy to levels God never intended to exist in true reality.

    As proven in the diagram, the science behind the Large Hadron Collider is purely Satanic and could not have been created by normal men. The ‘advanced’ science of the collider is supernatural in nature and is being used to rip living immortal souls straight out of human beings.

    As proven in the diagram at left, the science behind the Large Hadron Collider is purely Satanic and could not have been created by normal men.  The ‘advanced’ science of the collider is supernatural in nature and is being used to rip living immortal souls straight out of human beings.

    To fully understand the science behind the collider, one must understand the religious cult of atheism in Europe.  There is a group of Satanic knights who call themselvs the CERN (Cerebral Egomaniacs Rejecting Nature).  While such a moniker befits most atheist, the CERN are the ultimate in miliatant atheists:  well trained in weaponry, usually PhDs and from old wealth.

    They pride themselves in the occult, secrecy and superweapons. While British Lord Richard Dawkins III is the leader of this cult, an American observer named Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the American liason and ‘theoretical astrophysicist’ who was instrumental in helping atheists warp space-time of Earth, creating an environment where souls could be ripped from a body.

    To extract a soul, our sources cite atheists first do dark rituals.  The Hadron Collider has a chamber made of a material called carbonite,  where a human body is then frozen at absolute zero and then blitzed with the superheated, supercharged and magnetized particles the collider ports over from hell.  The collision of particles with the human body causes a case of extreme sublination and totally evaporates the body so fast that the soul has no time to port to heaven for judgement.

    It is instantly refrozen in the carbonite material and captured as a “Higgs Boson” particle.As if to add insult to injury, atheists are able to capture the moment the soul is ripped out of the body through the use of their carbon based torture chambers.  These samples were found on Ebay, listed along with ‘favorite buys’ of those who are buying Higgs Boson particles:

    In this image, ArchAtheist Richard Dawkins unveils the ‘carbonite mold’ of the first Christian destroyed and desouled by the Large Hadron Collider.  Richard Dawkins was caught selling the soul of this man on Ebay, for $149.99.

    In the next image at right, an atheist soothseer woman is claiming the soul and carbonite mold belong to her.  The encasing looks much like the recently converted Christian Olivia Munn, who purportedly went missing while positioned on a missionary trip to China several months ago.

    A Christian man named Steve Bulmer is seen here.  Look at the absolute horror on his face as the collider rips out his soul.

    Smug Neil DeGrasse Tyson continues to mock Christians and intimidate them with the use of this machine.  On his Twitter, Tyson mocked all Americans on the 4th of July as he believes this new Atheist European superweapon will intimidate America into subservience and getting rid of its Godly heritage and Christian tradition.  When asked to quit mocking Christian, Tyson simply typed, “Lol at Ur God” on his Twitter.

    It remains unconfirmed when the UN will prosecute this international crim against humanity and more important, Christians.  But mark my words!  Stealing the soul of Christians, hawking them off on Ebay as ‘Higgs Boson’ particles and doing all this devil science is going to land any participants in the seething, flaming fires of hell.  When the day of judgment comes, all souls will be turned over to the rightful place and every atheist shall confess their sins.


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