• “Avengers 2” film will force homosexuality on children.

    July 19, 2012 10:07 am 57 comments
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  • The film “The Avengers”, which is about a group of superheroes (demons who believe that their magical powers are stronger than Jesus) trying to “save” the Earth.  The film was produced by the increasingly evil and homosexual Disney Corporation as a way of promoting the use of magical powers.  It is based on Disney’s “Marvel” series of comics, intended as a recruitment tool to lure autistic teens into witchcraft and homosexuality.

    Now, the evil Disney Corporation is planning a mindnumbingly evil and homosexual sequel.  In the planned sequel, homosexual superhero recruiter Nick Fury forces the superheros to perform homosexual acts on each other.  By performing these acts on each other, they generate evil magic that will stop Loki, who represents Christ, from saving mankind from their sins.  Just imagine our children watching Hulk and Thor engaged in sick homosexual contact! Disgusting!  In addition, there is rumored to be an appearance from homosexual “superhero” Batman, a damaging force on American youth since his conception.

    Prevent your children from seeing this horrendous spectacle of homosexual activity and provide them with another activity, like staying home and reading the bible.


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