• Black Veil Brides Coffin Lyrics and Meaning Will Brainwash Your Daughter

    July 12, 2012 6:28 am 280 comments
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  • Eyes sooted black by the sulfury hands of Satan himself, Black Veil Bride members Andy “666” Biersack, Ashley Prettyboy, Jake Hellpit and a native American member named “Puts Christians in a Coma” take a rare photograph. Notice how the band’s founder Andy Biersack “second from left” does not give off a shadow, because he’s a true vampire. And he wants to suck the pure blood of your daughters.

    The Black Veil Brides have finally come out of the closet and admitted what we’ve known all along: they are vampires.

    As if all the black clothes, smearing their bodies with ritual ash tattoos and demonic lyrics from years ago were not proof enough, it’s good to have them finally admit to their evil with their song “Coffin”.

    Coffin is a song that tells young women that they should participate in midnight blood orgies and then let young men smear LSD on their teeth and bite them in the neck. They’ll then play the ‘coffin’ game, where they climb naked into a coffin with an unknown stranger and let them have their way with them until the next nightfall.

    This is naturally scaring you parents, so let’s look at the lyrics so you can be even more scared and banish your daughter from having any Black Veil Brides merchandise:

    Take your crosses,
    I’ll live without them,
    Standing wet in holy rain.
    When you were baptized,
    Ignored the problem,
    That’s when I watched you seal your grave.

    These evil lyrics are clearly referring to a vampire coffin ceremony.   At every concert this band throws, they have a ‘holy rain’ ceremony where one ‘lucky’ young woman is stripped of all clothing, baptized in goat’s blood and then buried underneath the soil in a special coffin.  She is buried underground with a random groupie of the band and they are both released at the end of the concert.  The crowd goes wild when the ‘grave seal’ is performed.

    I tried to save you,
    But let you drink the pain,
    A final song now we both know.
    So I’m not givin’ up,
    Won’t let you suffocate me,
    You find your hell is home.

    Here the band is making more references to vampire ceremony.  “Let you drink the pain” is a clear reference to drinking blood from puncture wounds inflicted by the Brides at the concert.   The last lyrics tell of the groupie’s devotion to not suffocating while being buried alive with the random female picked from the crowd.  As the oxygen levels drop in the coffin, he’ll instead whisper into your daughter’s ear:  “You find your hell is home.”

    I don’t owe you anything,
    You’ll only die a dream forgotten,
    I’ve got my pride so hear me sing,
    I’ll never let you steal my coffin.

    The final stanza makes it clear that when the concert is over, the oxygen-deprived young woman is kicked out of the coffin and can hardly remember what happened to her.  “You’ll only die a dream forgotten.”  You’ll ask her how she got all the bite marks and pregnant at the BVB concert.  But she won’t have any answers, because it’ll all be forgotten.  And by the time you try to interrogate the Black Veil Brides, they will have already left town and have a new girl ‘in their coffin’.  And to make it all worse, Andy Biersack has been shown to have vampire powers.

    So if he goes into the coffin with your daughter, she has a 25% chance of becoming a real vampire.

    WARNING:  The following video shows Black Veil Brides singing their new vampire recruitment song.  Demand any women/children leave the room before viewing.


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