• Black Veil Brides- Saviours or Devils?

    July 5, 2012 7:48 am 67 comments
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  • “I never meant to be the one, who kept you from the dark, but now I know my wounds are sewn, because of who you are.

    I will take this burden on, and become the holy one, but remember I am human, and I’m bound to sing this song.”

    Those are the first few lines of Black Veil Brides’ controversial song, Saviour. Some may claim that the lead singer, Andy Biersack, is mocking God, saying that anyone can take God’s place, anyone can be Holy. Some others may say that it is a song embodied with hope, written by the King of the Outcasts as a message, saying, “Never give in. Never give up! Don’t be afraid to be who you are, because no matter what, we’ll be there for you!” And then, there are those who don’t know anything that I’m talking about.

    Black Veil Brides is a popular heavy metal/rock band who claim to be something as The Ultimate Outcasts, due to their eccentric looks and rough childhoods from bullying for being different and unique. (Please note that that not a direct quote.) Their music caters to those of all ages, with the soft and soulful song “The Mortician’s Daughter,” to the heavy and inspiring song “The Legacy.” But there is one song that has caused a bit of a stir here on Christwire: the seventh track on their second studio album, called “Saviour.”

    When Andy Biersack, formerly known as Andy Sixx, wrote the song, he wanted to give something back to the BVB Army, his loyal fan base. Throughout the song he constantly reminds his fans that, even though he’s only human, he’s going to tryand do everything he can to help them through their lives. He says that there are even teenagers, kids that are around my age, that come up to him at concert signings and show him their arms, which are littered with scars. They say to him the same things, that they were cutting themselves but Black Veil Brides’ music saved their life- which was the kind of music that Andy was hoping to make.

    But there are a few that claim Andy is mocking God. Let me just clear that up right now: He isn’t. Andy just happens to be an atheist, such as myself.

    Take another look at the lyrics at the top. When Andy sings, “I will take this burden on, and become the holy one, but remember I am human, and I’m bound to sing this song,” he isn’t claiming to be a deity, or to be Holy. No.

    The message he is trying to get across is, again, that Black Veil Brides is there for you. No matter what everyone else thinks, no matter what you think, you aren’t useless. You aren’t alone! There will always be light at the end of the tunnel- but only if you choose to see it.

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