• Bob Marley Parasite Proves Reggae Jamaicans Can Reincarnate Themselves

    July 13, 2012 8:44 am 5 comments
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  • In the country of Africa they practice a weird religion named Jamaica.  These people like to sit around all day and do drugs and sing their reggae music, usually songs about philosophical black topics about secretly shooting nice policemen (not very nice anddefinitelynot allowed) and trying to make their wives stop crying about their husbands being lazy.

    The favorite rapper of these people was a man named Bob Marley.  He died of a toe infection some time ago and you’d assume that’s the last we heard of him.  Well, it seems there is a bit more complexity to this Jamacain religion because between all their dangerous marijaunea smoking and all those chant words they say, they somehow are able to summon Satan and make their soul reappear in the body of another animal.

    Bob Marley has used a power to be reincarnated as a parasite.  This story makes me very ascared and with my heart condition, I just can’t let this one work me up too much right now.  If you have a son in college though, go visit him this weekend and look at his walls.  If he has Bob Marley posters, he is likely doing addictive mary jane drugs, going to drop out and then be reincarnated as some weird animal.  Make him stop or tell him you’ll not give him one penny more tuition until he stops being a Jamaican.

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