• CEO of the Jim Hensen Company Betrays Fundamental Christianity, Severs All Ties to Chick Fil-A

    July 30, 2012 4:11 am 29 comments
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  • The CEO of the Jim Hensen company Lisa Henson severed all ties to the funamental Christian company known as Chic-fil-A and stated “we are big supporters of the gays getting married” she then went on to explain that as a supporter of equal rights, all women in the Jim Hensen company will be provided with a lifetime supply of Shewee urinating devices so they would no longer have to sit to urinate.

    Does this really surprise anyone? This is a company that has as a mascot an obviously homosexual animal also know as big flaming homo bird. They obviously support interspecies marriage, I mean how can a pig and a frog even attempt to consumate a marriage? I mean do pigs even lay eggs for the male to fertilize?  The thought of that alone makes me vomit in my mouth a little bit.

    The Count Count alone has helped turn countless numbers of our innocent childre into BVB listening, Team Alfred loving, Twilight watching elmosexuals.

    Has Lisa Hensen set a future of scissoring cow muppets and visions of backside beefcake patties for the future of American children’s entertainment? If traditional muppets become like we see here, the answer is yes.

    I myself knew that they had gone too far when they invented Barney to teach children about loving others even if they are different.

    Another Bone I have to pick is how angry Jim Hensen inc made me when they got rid of Mobius from the Electric Company.

    Lisa Henson went on to explain during her press conference that all monies recieved from Chic-fil-A previously would be donated to MOCEG, also known as Making Our Children Extremely Gay, a radical left wing group that actively goes to locations children congregate and recruits them to be gay. Lisa Hensen ended the press conference by praying for Satan to get rid of all Christians and invited photographers to take pictures of her urinating whilst standing.

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