• Chick-fil-A President Warns Gays Are ‘Inviting God’s Judgement’ Upon America

    July 18, 2012 2:28 pm 28 comments
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  • There is nothing gays enjoy more than making you bend over and then thrusting their political will into you.  The more you try to resist their obsessive, incessant need to mount and dominate every part of culture, the more they get their jollies.   In my professional ruling, 98% of gays suffer from delusional, masochistic tendency.

    So it should come as no surprise that gays are showing their usual bigotry toward morality by trying to make the great restaurant Chick-fil-A into an immoral institution.

    The gay’s war against Chick-fil-A started when ‘Luscious Lamar’, the VP of Social Functions for the Gay Institute, mistook Chick-fil-A as a gay bar and planned a gay-pride naked cocaine flash orgy on an early Sunday.  Lamar allegedly invited plenty of gay dignitaries such as Neil Patrick Harrison, Joe My God, Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow.  They all showed up with dozens others, bodies gleaming with oil and every muscle bouncy with excitement if not the massive amounts of Quaaludes that were given out on their way over.   All to their shock though, their little orgy would never take place because Chick-fil-A is not opened on Sunday.  Why?

    Families should be at church on Sunday and Chick-fil-A is a Christian institution, not a gay.

    Says ‘Lushy Lamar’:  “With a name like Chick-fil-A, they should have known how us gays would think it was a gay bar!  Come on.  Chick feel Ass, it’s like a play on words.  In the gay community, ‘fil-A’ is double entendre for what we like do to backsides, we like to feel and fill if you get my drift.   Chick is the word we use for any man on Earth, gay or straight.  None are off the table.  Unfortunately, Chick-fil-A does not share our philosophy and do not think we have the right to throw sodomizing orgies and that is not right.  The are bigots for that.  And we’re angry.”

    Dan Cathy, the owner of Chick-fil-A, makes it clear that Chick-fil-A is not gay friendly and that he understands gays are truly “Inivting God’s Judgement” upon America.

    Look at all the trouble gays have caused and need to take the blame for doing.

    What’s even scarier than anything is how they want to have families.  If being gay were natural or normal, why is it that we don’t see pregnant ‘power bottom boys’ running around pregnant.  For those not in the know for gay lingo, power bottom boys is gay lexicon for the guy who spreads his posteriors open so it can be pommeled with sin from the ‘spinning top’.

    And why is it that two scissor sisters can rub furiously against each other all they want, and they will not get pregnant?  Gay women who play the female part of the relationship are called ‘power puff girls’.  But guess what?  You will never see their wombs ‘puffed’ with a little bundle of life.

    Friends, gays are trying to make us bend to their will.  Backward if you are a normal woman and forward if you are a man.  If you give a gay an inch, they will take a mile up your colon and travel so far that they get to your brain, stir it all around and have you cheering for their cause.  Don’t let them sodomize your morality and more importantly, don’t let them destroy our Christian restaurant Chick-fil-A.

    They have no right to turn it into a gay club.

    Gays are going to try to have Civil Rights sit ins at Chick-fil-A and sing ‘we shall overcome’ at restaurants nationwide.  We will keep track of this and make sure to pray, so maybe the grease from the chicken force them to run to the bathroom or maybe the salt in the fries makes the wounds on their lips sore enough to just go home.

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