• Coldplay plans satanic album.

    July 22, 2012 12:41 am 7 comments
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  • England’s evil band, Coldplay, are planning more cruel satanism on their next release “Let’s Kick Jesus Really Hard.”  Chris Martin, frontman for Coldplay, says, “It’s a concept album, really.  About Jesus.  How we don’t like him and want to kick him.”  The album is planned to be filled with soaring inspiration piano ballads about kicking Jesus.

    The band has long used their emotional charm to win people over to Satan.  Their use of strings, piano, and whiny vocals are used to terrify children and emotionally manipulate middle-aged women into thinking that they are a decent band.  Lyrics from the new album include:

    “I walked across the sea

    Together you and me

    We fell in love and drowned

    We smiled and we frown

    But mostly we kicked Jesus.”

    No sensible parent would allow such garbage on the airwaves and the pop charts!  Save our children from this evil!

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