• Colorado Shooting, Movie Theater Security

    July 21, 2012 12:14 pm 31 comments
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    As news of the Colorado shooting continues to weigh heavily on the nation, big questions arise about movie theater safety as well as other public venues. Already, theories abound about a possibility of this being a ‘inside scheme’ for Obama to pass a UN gun control law, while others are turning the debate into a TEA Party gun nut issue. Whatever political thoughts may be, now is not the time for politicking or getting into a frenzy.

    Think about it like this. America is relatively safe. The fact that a horrendous shooting where 12 people are killed is rare and makes the nation pause is not a bad thing. It shows that in a nation with over 300 million people, who are not herded like cattle and kept under the boot of authority whereever we may FREELY roam, shows that there is a civic evolution in this country.

    There will always be outliers to the norm. If you take away guns, a psychotic killer will poison the water supply, taint the grains, grab a sword and wreck havoc or try to start massive fires. The fact that people are already willing to give away their rights so quickly, inviting TSA styled scanners to be installed in private businesses, wanting a mandatory ‘no dressing up in public’ rule established, just goes to prove guys like Matt Parker and Tray Stone’s creation of an idiotic, reactive American town in South Park is truly a microcosm of our current personality as a society.

    We need to grow the hell up and realize things like this will happen. Call up people in the UK, Middle East or any other older nation: their history has been plagued with psycopaths. Some people are simply evil.

    This is a time to feel compassion for the victims and deal with the facts, not point-fingers at the NRA or let Admiral Fascism Bogart freedom that should never be taken away or owned by those who would dare try.

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