• Dark Knight Featurette Reveals Homosexual Themes in New Movie

    July 10, 2012 1:16 am 24 comments
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  • The Dark Knight Rises is a innuendo laced name movie for the latest release in DC Comic’s Batman Franchise.  The Dark Knight “Rises” is a play on words, indicating how the Batman character gets sexual stimulation from donning tight black Corinthian leathers, then allowing himself to be pommeled and pulsed by masochistic enemies through all hours of the night, spending his endurance in long battles and finally resolving to his ‘cave’ where his butler, Alfred, sooths each muscle of his aching, yearning body with gently cooled cloths.

    The entire movie plays out like a homosexual’s fantasy and we can see the movie’s director, Christopher Nolan, has dived deep into the backend of the gay culture to produce this film.  In the last movie, Heath Ledger (who played a gay cowboy) became so enthralled by playing the chief homosexual villain of the Batman franchise, the Joker (has a white makeup fetish, always uses hair dye, uses chemical that stiffen the orifices of body for maximum pleasure) that he died.  This movie is apparently going to up the intensity level with a new P90-X styled gay named Bane.  The scenes of the movie are to be ‘uncomfortable at best’.

    In the following 13-minute Dark Knight Featurette, Chris Nolan reveals all the themes we’ve discussed.  This should be plenty warning of why parents must prohibit their kids from seeing this film.

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