• Disney contepmlates making a movie with Gay characters, next step towards acceptance.

    July 13, 2012 12:37 am 79 comments
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  • Disney studios, having worked with many people in the past who were openly homosexual admits that they are a “gay friendly” company. This is a good step towards the new generation to not tolerate, but accept people for who they are. Isn’t that what being Christian is all about? Serving God and loving all his creations, just as he does. I encourage this idea all the way, and hope to see this. I found this website and I am appalled at how intolerant some people are on here, I plan to help turn this website  around to nothing but positive and un-offensive posts.When I say un- offensive, I mean to not use hurtful and derogatory terms such as:







    You get the picture. I hope you, the reader, can stand alongside me and help support this step in the right direction for all of society and means of acceptance. All I ask is that you do not tolerate. You Accept. You Embrace. You can support gay people and not be gay at all. My family is all straight, a well-raising christian family, and they encourage me to be more open-minded with my sexuality. Hence, me being Pansexual. To all the hicks that read this, Pansexual means I don’t care If you’re a boy, a girl, overweight or underweight, I care about your soul and how god made you on the inside, because that is all that should matter for me to be happy spiritually and physically.

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    GeminiStarforce324 I am an open Pansexual agnostic. If there is a god he loves all people for who they are because he made them. If there is a god, he should love me, despite me liking women AND men, and he should love the close-minded people who misinterpret the bible and make websites like this hating gays and any other minority/ socially diverse person. We are intelligent people (Referring to gays and others) who were created by god, too. By the way, for the people who don't even know what Pansexual is, it means to not let gender get in the way of physical and spiritual attraction to someone. If you really want to send hate mail to people like me, HERE: ShadowGirlTheHedgehog@gmail.com God Bless you

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