• Enlightened 21st Century Hipster Homo’s are… Beyond Gay (See Video)

    July 31, 2012 5:58 pm 166 comments
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  • By Rev. Billy Ray Sunday

    Men if You See a Gay Power House Like This Walking Up Behind You… Run!

    <chris†wire> Being a homosexual today has become an acceptable part of the American way of life, or so it seems. Growing up as a boy in Alabama 20 years ago gays were not tolerated in my high school. Yes we had gays in my school, every school does. No matter what we do there will always be non-conformist in society, people who make the decision to place themselves outside of our social standards only to draw attention to themselves to say, “Hey everyone look at me… I’m different! I’m unique!” Then when these people get called a name or beat up its called a Hate Crime and they’re called a victim.

    Twenty years ago homosexuals new their place, it was in the closet as it always had been, and society was much happier with that arraignment. It was how gays were tolerated in any community. You may ask, if you weren’t around 20 years ago, how did you guys keep the gays in line? What kept the homosexual in the closet? And is there anyway to put them back in the closet today?

    These are tough questions to deal with at the beginning of the 21st century simply because Americans have been inundated by the liberal media selling us on the Gay Agenda. New Gay marriage laws have infested a number of US states where people view themselves as being “Enlightened 21st Century Hipsters” who believe they are out to change the world.

    And change the world they have. Growing up there was no such thing as “hate speech” so you couldn’t get arrested for calling an Asian person a Gook. No one would’ve considered calling the police because some Nancy-Boy got called a Fag. Nor would the cops have taken time from their busy routine just to go deal with a name calling incident.

    Image you’re speeding down the road in your community minding your own business only to suddenly come upon some drunken lazy Mexican staggering down the middle of the road. You slow your car then yell out the window something like “Hey Burrito Boy get out of the road,” or “Go back to Mexico Beaner,” or “Next time I’ll hit your dumb Spick ass and get a free lube for my car!”

    In those days you needn’t be concerned if a police officer showed up since you knew if anyone was going to jail it was the drunken wetback, not you for shouting a comment at him expressing your concern for his safety. But not today. Today the cop is more likely to leave the inebriate to his / her own fate and arrest you for calling the guy a Beaner after someone nearby called 9-1-1 because they heard you yell at the guy using dangerous, even deadly hate speech.

    High school kids never gave it a second thought to engage in a healthy spirited game of dodge ball. And when the flaming queen in your class got his turn to be the target kids called the game, “Smear the Queer.” Today such an innocuous comment can lead to the child being suspended from school, or even jailed.

    America’s 2nd Amendment Rights Do Not Extend to Gays

    Not long ago I wrote about gun ads aimed at the gay community in order to sell them real firearms. Can you image some Joe walking through the shopping mall and upon seeing two gays holding hands and kissing he says… “What Fags.” Now imagine both of these drama queens trying to pull out their guns to blow the Joe into oblivion.

    Such a scenario is frightful enough, but the gays have come up with yet another way to steal America away from her deep natural Christian roots. If its not guns its super strength and I’m not talking about pumping iron. The following video is 6 minutes long and its supposedly just two guys dancing, but that’s not so!

    It may appear to be a disgusting stage performance but don’t be fooled. You don’t have to watch the whole thing, a couple of minutes is more than enough. The men you see “performing” on each other is nothing more than the latest tactics gays have employed to obtain super powers and strength.

    And what do they intend to do with their new found steroid induced super strength? And what are they afraid of? Gays have never had it so good. Acceptance, tolerance, gay marriage, gay agenda, what more do they want? What more indeed?

    Boys if You See a Gay Power Daddy Following You… Run!

    When the gays rise up men watch out. They’re out to turn you and I into power-fisting bottom fairies who are addicted to steaming semen and man-chode. They want to shove ben Wa balls up your son’s tight, virgin cherry hole. Gays plan to rape us all using their super strength, guns, a push-up bra and blonde fall, and yes girls that does include your husbands.

    But don’t worry. The government and liberal left-winged Obama dictator controlled  media will be there to remind us all to be accepting, understanding and tolerant. Anyone up for a good old fashioned game of Smear the Queer?

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    Rev. Billy Ray Rev. Billy Ray Sunday is 3rd generation preacher. He lives in Forkland, AL and is a journalist for chrisTwire.com.

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