• Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerburg is Pornographer of the Year!

    July 4, 2012 4:10 pm 126 comments
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  • Mark Zuckerburg Pornographer of the Year!

    Rev. Billy Ray Sunday

    <chris†wire> Who do the people at Facebook think they are? While posting to my wall a security screen appeared and asked me to identify some photos supposedly “of my friends.” OK no problem, I thought its good that Facebook watches out for its members.

    So they send me three pages each containing 3 photos. Mind you the last time I had to do this a longtime ago I quickly passed through the pages and had no trouble identifying my friends. But today the first photo on page 1 was pornography, showing a naked man, who by the way is no friend I know.

    The rest of the pages had no one I’ve ever met on them, because I failed to identify anyone of the images they sent me now I’m unable to log on. Facebook policies clearly state they do not allow pornography, yet Facebook’s own security people sent pornography to me. And no where on Facebook is there any information about how to contact them to inform them of a problem, or report them for sending out porn!

    How can anyone reach Facebook to tell them about a problem? You can’t. Why as a member with a serious question can I not contact Facebook? What are they hiding? Is Mark Zuckerburg a hustler of pornography? It seems so since his company sent porn to me asking me to ID the fully nude frontal shot of a man I’ve never seen in my life before. Do they ask children to identify strange people and send them pornography?

    I’ve tried to contact Facebook security to alert them to this matter and find out why this has happened. But I cannot even log on now, and after reading through scores of Facebook HELP pages I discover there is no way to reach their management or security people. I was not even allowed to post my question to the Facebook forum.

    Is this an oversight… or is Zuckerburg a low-life pornographer spreading his sick dirty pictures to children and other members through the Internet? I have always enjoyed Facebook and connecting to my friends, but now I’m not sure I can even trust them. Parents out there who have kids with Facebook accounts you need to check to see what this company is sending your children. And all Facebook members need to know that Facebook will refuse to allow members to communicate with them.

    After my experience this morning I’m no longer impressed with this site first because Facebook sends pornography to its members. Second because they asked me to identify people I’ve never seen before then locked me out of my account. And thirdly because the organization shields itself from its own members… what are they afraid of?

    Mark Zuckerburg Sent Me Pornography on Facebook

    Parents pay attention… Facebook is an X-Rated pornography site, and you have no clue  what material they’ve already sent your children. And don’t bother to try to post a question or complaint to Facebook’s self-help forums because Mark Zuckerburg doesn’t give a damn about what you or I think. Shame on you Zuckerburg and Facebook for being nothing more then a centralized site full of child molesters and dirty pictures.

    And that has been my experience with them this morning. Use caution when your child logs onto Facebook, and if pornography sent to you or your child by Facebook Security personnel report Zuckerburg and his filthy lot to the police or FBI. Trafficking pornography online to children or adults who have not solicited such content is illegal.

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    Rev. Billy Ray Rev. Billy Ray Sunday is 3rd generation preacher. He lives in Forkland, AL and is a journalist for chrisTwire.com.

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