• George Zimmerman Relaunches therealgeorgezimmerman

    July 21, 2012 1:36 pm Comments Off on George Zimmerman Relaunches therealgeorgezimmerman
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  • Several months ago a Florida man named George Zimmerman was accused of killing a youth named Treyvon Martin.  In the midst of the high profile court case the ensued, a media frenzy has divided public opinion on the many issues this case brings to light:  gun rights, stand-your-ground law, purported racism and innocent until proven guilty.

    While we will have to wait for a court of law to make judgment in the case, George Zimmerman maintains innocence and fair use of his state rights in the shooting death of Treyvon Martin.  If this is true or not, again, waits to be seen.

    Many contest that Zimmerman has been vilified by public media.  The Zimmerman family has launched a website, therealgeorgezimmerman, to educate public to who they say George Zimmerman really is and also to apparently raise more money for Zimmerman’s defense in his upcoming trial.

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