• Geriatic Boston Celtics Recruit Geriatric Jason Terry

    July 6, 2012 3:10 am Comments Off on Geriatic Boston Celtics Recruit Geriatric Jason Terry
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  • Sure, Jason Terry could school any one of us all around the block and back in a game of one on one.  But back in my day, back when everyone was doing their best Bob Cousey layup impersonation and Bill Walton’s bravado was only outdone by the legendary Kurt Rambis, I would have taken the boy’s lunch money in a game of horse.

    But in today’s NBA standards, someone whose nearing 30-years-0ld is old.  Why the Boston Celtics are picking up Jason Terry for a 3 years, 15 million dollar contract is beyond me.  Pierce and company looked like a group of old black men in the barber shop, talking about the good old days when they were dominant and not getting spanked by Labron James and his team of younger players.

    Celtics, it’s time to get refreshed.  Do you really want to call in Larry Joe Bird and Robert Parish for next year’s roster as well.  You may as well, because after a full season and intense playoffs, you’re just going to get whooped by youngness again.


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