• God Shuts Down Power to Washington DC, Finally Endorses Mitt Romney for President

    July 1, 2012 5:46 pm 11 comments
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    The power of God is on display in Washington, DC. Finally fed up with America after the passing of Obamacare, God used his great power to flick out the light switch to the capital city of Washington, DC, and make the city as dark as the man who claims to run it.

    Washington, DC, is suffering a massive power outage after God summoned a massive, unprecedented land hurricane that blew with +20 Gale force winds. The G-force of the winds that hit Washington, DC, was amazingly powerful enough to blow all the hot air in the city right out.

    No matter how hot it gets outside, it’s important to remember that hell is always hotter.

    God is letting this hot weather scorch everyone in DC before this election, because if we allow Obama to continue to give free healthcare to the poor, abort children, allow sinful countries to have nuclear weapons and not embrace America’s Godly heritage and Christian tradition, we will lead the entire world straight to hell.

    This weather must be blamed on Obama.  If America elects Mitt Romney for president in January, you will see the weather will be much cooler because God is not so angry.  But if we fail to heed warning and elect Obama again, God will melt even through the coldest Arctic ice with a fiery wrath.

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    Dudson Wallace If loving America is wrong, I don't want to be right. Let us restore our nation to its Godly heritage and Christian tradition as demanded in the Constitution.

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