• Happy White People’s Day!

    July 6, 2012 2:40 pm 53 comments
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    Rapper Chris Rock expresses jealousy and tries to ruin White People’s Day.  White People’s Day is the day when the lesser countries celebrate when the white people in America declared freedom for all of humanity.  We brought over visitors from Africa and let them help build this country in exhange for room and board.  Now, their descendants are not wanting to participate in White People’s Day and say offensive thing on White People’s Technology like the interneted Twitter.

    White People’s Day, now known as Independence Day, is a day to celebrate all the hard work the original America farmers did to free humanity from the redcoats of England.  Through tears, sacrifice and blessings from God, America was able to overcome many obstacles to become the most powerful nation the universe has and will ever see.

    But we owe all thanks to the original men, The Founding Fathers, who changed the mold for humanity.  The Founding Fathers knew that in creating a true democracy, that many things would change:  no longer would aristocratic kings rule and have the power to lob heads.  No longer would Christ’s offerings of freedom be limited to those who contain melanin.  Nay, all men would be created equal and once they were properly assimilated and earned their spot in our great society, could we call them men and offer them our knowledge and fellowship.

    But gang rapper Chris Rock is trying to ruin the spirit of The Fourth of July, the day when we celebrate all these things.  Here is what Chris Rock tweeted on Twitter:

    “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure  they enjoyed fireworks.”

    The ‘slaves’ probably did enjoy the fireworks and they didn’t have it that bad, compared to say General Washington freezing in the Deleware River or the wives who had to worry about their husbands who sailed overseas to negotiate with the British.  Chris Rock needs to stick to his rapping and let culture continue to grow.  Just look at him:  he’s richer than most people and that’s because of the men who invented Happy White People’s Day.  Their vision worked, but our ancestors had to pay their dues to get us to this point in time.

    Chris Rock and people like him, please grow up.  White People’s Day is now for everyone (aside from China and those terror Imam nations), that’s why we named it Universal Independence Day.

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