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    July 16, 2012 3:20 pm 51 comments
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  • Axis Powers Hetalia is the first Series of a popular anime(japanese animation), the next series name is World Series.

    Let’s begin with the plot.

    Hetalia was originally a web comic written by Hidakaz Himaruya, meant solely for a small chuckle.

    Hetalia is about countries personified as anime characters (though they are slightly stereotyped, it is meant to help the viewer get a laugh from it) Examples include:
    America- Convinced he’s the hero of the world, likes to talk the loudest, and oblivious to the atmosphere of the conversations around him.

    England- A formal gentleman who absolutely despises France and tolerates America

    Italy (north)- Pasta loving womanizer who surrenders at any slight provocation of violence towards him

    Italy(South): A grumpy man who is extremely harsh towards any male, yet surprisingly tolerant when around women. He enjoys Tomatoes, which were introduced to him by Spain.

    You get the point. The first series is mainly about, you guessed it, World War 2, although there is no actual violence, it is just to establish the friendship between the cheery Italy and grumpy Germany. There are many political and historical jokes put into play. Each episode is 5 minutes long, and although there is a bit of fanservice, there isn’t any actual countries coupled together. Although the cute Art style and (somewhat) educational sections, I don’t recomend this for a young audience. This is for more of the age group of 16+ Due to the language, and overal plot of season 1. Although they depict the Axis as the protagonists of season 1, they still make everything light-hearted and humorous. If you are ever looking for a good laugh, Hetalia is always a good alternative.

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