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    July 25, 2012 8:23 pm 14 comments
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  • I SOAR By Sean Peterson.

    I SOAR is an acronym for Intensive Sexual Orientaion Adjusting Rehabilitation.

    I SOAR is a sexual reorientation camp located about 40 miles north of Louisville Kentucky and ran by “Brother Ken” McMullin.  

    Brother Ken has dedicated his life to rehabilitating men away from the choice of being a homogay. He believes absolutely that the choice of living as a homogay is an express ticket to the hottest corners of hell and he will resort to any measures to save a person from making the choice of being homogay.
        “The choice of being a homogay is usually one made in early childhood and can be avoided quite easily if parents are diligently observant for the signs of it” says Brother Ken.  Brother Ken tells that some of the early signs include a boys interest in mommys clothes, playing with dolls or coloring books, and showing disinterest in maleness fortifying activities such as sports, Nascar, farm equipment or playing cowboys and indians.
          Brother Ken developed an interest in the conversion of homogays while taking an intro to psychology course at Middle Indiana Community College. It was during this class that he saw how Pavlonian training, with some God inspired modifications could help homogays make the choice of living a God ordained normal lifestyle.

    Sinners can be seen giving praise as the spirits of homogay and assorted bad choices lifted right off them at I SOAR.

    He knew right away that God wanted him to use this to help men trapped by their bad choices, to be released from their sick sin stick compulsions of engaging in bottoming and swallowing parts of other mens bodies never intended by God to be used in such a manner.
          Brother Ken approached Pastor Steve Stephens of Christ Grace Baptist church of New Salem Indiana, of which he is a member, to put the idea of a church sponsered homogay conversion camp forward.
       “Pastor Stephans was very excited about the camp from the first” says Brother Ken “and we immediatly went about talking with the church deacons about how to get it going”.
         The I SOAR, rehabilition camp was eventually located on an abandoned farm off of the county line road owned by Brother Mike Stutters, one of Christ Grace deacons.
          A typical stay at I SOAR is approximately 3 to 4 weeks, but the ultimate determining factor is the individuals desire to leave the sinful choice of being a homogay.
         Every individuals treatment is different but one of the most common methods of treatment is the administration of nausea inducing drugs whilst forcing the subject to watch acts of homogay erotic activity on a television set. This activity is repeated over and over until just the viewing of homogay erotic acts induces nausea.
         In a more radical form of treatment a device which detects any arousal at all is fitted to the subjects sin stick  during the viewing of the homogay material, and when any arousal at all is detected, mild electrical shocks are applied. This is to help the subject refocus away from sinful thoughts as compasionately as possible.
         Only in the most extreme cases,  when the subject displays the hypereffiminate behavior of carrying Hello Kitty purses or admits to being a fan of Skrillex is an exorcist called in.
         When asked about the success rate or the possibility of suicides linked to subjects whom have attended the I SOAR program, Brother Ken stated “our success with any given individual is based solely on his desire to choose to live the lifestyle God intended men to live, and no suicide has ever been directly linked to one of our reeducation camps”
         I as a normal Christian man applaud people like Brother Ken all across this country, whom have drawn a line in the sand and said “no more will we let those choosing the homogay lifestyle poison our children without a fight”

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    Sean Peterson Sean Peterson is a freelance Christian writer from the heartland of America. He is active in his church as a youth leader and volunteers for Purity Promisers, a youth celibacy group.

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