• If John Holmes Were Arab or Black Instead of White, No One Would Claim ‘Mental Illness’ Defense

    July 24, 2012 1:21 pm 41 comments
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  • Let’s keep it really simple here, folks. John Holmes is a sadistic killer who plotted a horrific tragedy that has touched far too many innocent lives. Every day in this country we proudly label a black man slinging crack or shooting someone an instant thug or killer. Even if he stood his ground, he would not get the lenient Sean Hannity Fox-news buttslap treatment like certain people named George Zimmerman. He’d be called a thug.

    And heaven forbid that this John Holmes wasn’t named Ahmed Hussein Obama. Wouldn’t the TEA Party and every other right-handed American have pitchforks and demand a nuking of the man in an electric chair, followed by a nuking of whatever country he was from.

    But John Holmes has white skin and I could not believe my ears when I turned on Fox News and heard people with the audacity to claim this is a case for ‘mental illness’.

    Mental illness to me is someone who just doesn’t have the capacity to function. A non-functional person does not plot for several months prior to slaughtering a theater full of innocent people. Someone who is non-functional does not require the FBI, the ATF and local law enforcement to spend two days diffusing a complex array of homemade bombs.

    If Holmes was not fully functioning, he would not have time to plot shooting strategies and placing himself in full out body armor before this shooting rampage. Do we really think many high functioning neuroscience PhD candidates can claim ‘mental illness’ and not know exactly how to fake it, if necessary?

    What I’m getting at today is America is showing some nasty bias in the court of public opinion. If this man had been any other race, we would not be even toying with some psych defense. Don’t tell me I’m no psychologist or politicking. I’m just calling it like it is.

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