• Is The “Glee Project” Teaching Our Children To Be Gay Retards?

    July 11, 2012 8:23 pm 104 comments
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    (This is a lengthy post with numerous multimedia graphics. I pray that you read this post in its entirety)

    By Mark E. Figs

    It’s Tuesday night in an average unsaved American’s home, and on the television screen is a twisted snuff film, complete with singing, homosexual sin and disabled sexuality. Could this be a new Judd Apatow film or something by the gluttonous lesbian Lena Dunham?

    No, this is far worse than any bone-dry, mumbling abortion of a film that Dunham could ever hope tp make. The depravity I am describing is the “Glee Project,” a lavish celebration of diseased homosexual retards.

    The criterion for appearing on the show appears to be as follows: be afflicted with the homosexual virus, suffer from some crippling mental sickness, and be unable to be a normal functioning member of society. How else can you explain a cast made up of sickening lesbians, a crippled slut, a blind (possibly gay man) a whorish Muslim, someone afflicted with “Autism” disease and a transgendered homosexual (among others)?

    The sick fact of the “Glee Project” is that it is encouraging our children to be gay retards in order to validate their self-worth. It’s a fact that autism is a product of the 20th century – a psychosomatic disorder invented by the healthcare industry to trick parents into thinking that their children suffers from some faux ailment – how else could you explain its absence from the Bible? “Autism” seems to be nothing more than negligent parents quickly assigning a label to God-ordained behavior. If parents of “Autistic” children spent more time getting to know their children, instead of drinking wine-coolers and other spirits, and smoking cigarettes, then they might see that their child is merely blessed with a unique personality by the one true God. But I digress.

    The “Glee Project” is a “project” similar to the sinful Nazi experiments of yesteryear — instead of teaching our children that it is ok to eat red meat, shoot guns, and possess a gravely yet powerful voice, this show is promoting a gaudy lifestyle full of disease and gay sex. Do you want your young, muscle bound son to prance around a stage, dancing and singing faggoty show tunes? Does it sound appealing to think of your daughter sashaying her way across stage, smiling and batting her filthy eyes in a burlesque manner while flaunting her voluptuous breasts and buttocks, shaking these God-given assets in front of hormonal young men who want to “mount” her “doggystyle?”

    No! We need our young men to be able to straight-blooded Christian males, capable of killing a deer or other large predatory animal with nothing more than a knife! Our daughters need to be thin, subservient woman capable of producing healthy children! The “Glee Project” is nothing but a thinly-veiled attempt to coerce our children into becoming homosexual gays with mental deficiencies.

    Instead of teaching our children to be avid Bible navigators, notorious liberal and avid homosexual Ryan Murphy has created a showcase of shorts, for the mentally handicapped and sick to flaunt their limited (and sinful) skillsets. Every show contains this group of rag-fag sinners singing a song for the “Homework Challenge” with the winner of said “challenge” getting one-on-one showbiz tips on how to sin and anger God from an already established Glee cast member.

     After that the group learns a risqué and awful dance routine in order to film a music video in the mold of secular mainstay MTV. After these mostly sexually charged pieces, the group is brought back for the elimination process – curiously named the “bottom” three. Yes, the unlucky few who do not perform well during the week are brought in front of Ryan Murphy in order for him to assess their “bottoming*” skills.

    (*Bottoming refers to the process of gay homosexual sex, in which a man lays down on his back – or on his bottom, where the term originates — his buttocks exposed and invites another man to park his girthy genitals inside of the darkened anus cavern.)

    Teaching our children how to sing, dance and emulate those with mental sickness (autism and transgendered-inclinations) is not beneficial to America’s growth as a Christian country. The myth of autism has poisoned this country long enough – with Ryan Murphy’s guidance every child will aspire to have mental illness in order to fit in and be “cool.” They will want to bare their flesh and gallop around like the homosexuals on Broadway. They will be preoccupied with singing sinful pop hits. And Jesus will weep, and continue to weep while the singing homosexuals fill our country with more disabilities to fill our children’s head and distract them from Bible verse memorization.

    I am going to end this article with a headshot of every cast member, as well as some key facts about them.

    Abe — A Buddihst with piercings. God abhors piercings but Abe proudly displays one in his eyebrow for the world to see. His voice is often described as “gay.” He is proud of being “sassy” which is an inherent trait found in men suffering from the homosexual virus.


    Ali — The wheelchair-bound slut of the group, Ali is constantly patronizing her inability to walk by choosing roles that emphasize her immobility. She is over-the-top and often “in the zone” which is code for “craving pre-marital sex.”

    Aylin — A Turkish Muslim, her religion alone is enough to repel Christian viewers. Instead America is subjected to a MUSLIM who flaunts her promiscuous sexuality. She is a known 9/11 denier and often brags about her mother’s lack of information concerning her (Aylin) sexuality, including her participation in “lipstick parties” and mouth orgies.

    Blake — Blake is a strong, well-developed man. He is rippling with muscles and is full of vigor. He is mostly of pure heart, although he at times does flirt with the other men. He would benefit from enrolling in my all-boys summer camp, “Uncle Marky’s Sleepover Shack.”

    Charlie —  A sufferer of “autism”, Charlie is an avid race-mixer (pursuing a relationship with the ungodly Aylin) and self-centered blowhard. He is brash and idiotic, which is no doubt from being labeled “autistic.” His problems obviously stem from poor parenting, as is commonplace in households with “autistic” children.

    Dani — This disgusting lesbian is a Justin Bieber clone, and much like Bieber himself, God hates her sin. She is often confused for a man, and is undoubtedly making her parents disappointed with her horrendous fashion sense and lifestyle choices.

    Lily Mae —  This Adele clone is a large bully who often intimidates the others into giving up their measly food rations. She claims the additional calories give her voice more “strength.” She enjoys baring her flesh and subjecting others to viewing her grotesque, manatee-like body.

    Mario — A black theatrically trained singer, he is without a doubt, gay. He is blind yet very condescending and standoffish, which is odd considering he is blind. Despite his blindness he displays an affinity for penis, because of his bright colored clothing and constant groping of others (mostly men.)

    Max — No one cares about him because he sucks and his parents hate him.

    Michael —  A self-proclaimed “math geek”, Mike hides his Jewish inclination to cheat and steal by telling the others he will do their homework. He is constantly gushing about numbers and has been accused of stealing financial information from other contestants. I have extended him an offer to my summer camp.

    Nellie — Is it a boy, is it a girl? We don’t know, but whatever it is, it is terrifying. The asexual star of the show often boasts about her discomfort for embracing her body. She is not sure whether she has a penis or a vagina, because she is not sexually attracted to people. She may be the tragic result of the legalization of gay marriage.

    Shanna — Rumored to have eaten all the pie on set, and often curses. Still, a remarkable young woman.

    Taryn —  A gay black man who cross-dresses, “Taryn” went home after it was discovered that she was part of a prostitution ring ran by her mom. She is NOT Derrick Rose, contrary to popular belief.

    Tyler —  A SINFUL, DISGUSTING,”transgendered” “man” she spends most of her time complaining that she sucks at the very basic functions of human life because she is undergoing a (sinful) transition to manhood. No one cares or believes her, because she can’t even do a basic two-step shuffle and sounds like a whiny Vietnamese ladyboy. She has a horrible haircut and is attempting to bring back the “Urkel” style of fashion.

    That’s it. If you know someone, or if you yourself watches the “Glee Project” I urge you to seek medical help with immediate quickness. Together we can fight this disease of sinful homosexuality, and possibly find a cure for it, once and for all.


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