• Jesus Christ Appears in Puppy’s Stinkspot To Prove Divinity of Dogs

    July 28, 2012 12:22 am 49 comments
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    Thanks to a tip from Brother Delco.

    Dogs are a man’s best friend.  It has been that way since God created everything some 6,000 years ago.  Adam asked God to make him helpmeet in the Garden of Eden, and he said, “God, give me a good companion.”  God messed up at first and created a women, who is greedy enough to call diamonds her best friend and let Satan splurge his Satanic phallus venom into her sin slot.  But then God realized that it wasn’t a women, but a dog, that would truly be a good trustworthy friend for man through the ages.

    But just like everything God blesses, Satan tries to enter to copycat and corrupt it.  Later in Genesis, we find that because Eve and Satan had sexual relations and ate of each other’s forbidden fruit, that all was cursed.   This made Satan emboldened and he later used genetics for the first time.  Satan kidnapped a dog and meddled with its DNA, combining the sinful eggs of Eve that he plucked with his own.  The resulting creature he named, “Cat” for “Coiltal Adultery Terrorist”, signifying how he made the cat from coitus with Eve, adultery with mankind and genetic terror.

    If you look deep into a cat’s mouth, you can still see that the top two look just like a snake’s.  That’s because the father of every cat is Satan.  He’s their genetic ancestor.

    Mankind needs to realize that all cats are evil.  There are nothing good about them.  Dog is and will be the original pet meant for mankind.  For every cat you keep, you are wasting time and denying a homeless dog a good home.  And that tickles Satan soul with great delight.

    In the following image, Jesus helps us realize that cats are evil and he only loves dogs.  Behold how he appears in this puppy’s stinkspot, to show that even the lowliest portion of a dog he loves more than any part of a cat.  If you don’t take it from me, then take it from your Lord and Saviour.

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