• Justin Bieber Finally Hits Puberty, Appears on Cover of 17 Magazine

    July 9, 2012 10:57 am 41 comments
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  • Teenager hearthrob Justin Bieber finally hit puberty this summer and is proudly showing off her now 18-years-old summer body!  What a beautiful young woman of God this singer is turning out to be.  Let us hope this all natural, busty brunette uses her body as a baby-making temple and her voice to lure the unsaved to the Lord.

    Teenaged hearthrob Justin Bieber has finally hit puberty and is seen in this photo, hitting the beach and showing off her 18-year-old body.  We can only hope and pray that Justin Bieber will not follow in the steps of Brittany Spears and Lindsay Hohan, sniffing the cracked rocks and participating in crazed abortionee orgy fests.

    Much like the Harry Potter witch Emma Watson, who uses poopy squat poses to force young men to become stiffed with sin, Justin Bieber opts to go with a lesbianesque Rachel Maddow haircut.

    This haircut is referred to as the “Jenkies” on the lesbian scene, a throwback name to the burnette lesbian character “Velma” from the stoner’s cartoon Scooby Dooby Doo, a production of the drug addled group the Doobie Brothers.

    All that aside, Justin Bieber did have one good quote in her 17 interview.  She warned all other 17 year olds that they should feel good about their bodies as they head into their 18th year of life.  Though Justin Bieber should not be dressing like a little white shorts hooker when spreading this message, it does does some positive and good for the kids who hear it.


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